4 Wheel Driving in Australia: Top 3 Destinations

By Gold Coast Mum in partnership with Sunset Safaris

Here in Australia, we’re so lucky to not only live near beaches that are considered paradise to world-renowned surfers, tourists and locals alike, but also various other destinations that would be considered a paradise to the growing number of 4 wheel drive enthusiasts.

Where 4 wheel driving was once considered somewhat dangerous and something to be done only by the very adventurous folk among us, thanks to the advanced 4WD technology of today, this activity isn't as risky as people once thought.
There are countless routes in Australia one can take in their 4WD, so jump behind the wheel and see where the wind takes you!

1. Fraser Island

Beautiful beaches, ancient luscious rainforests, the sparkling ocean, and mesmerising lakes… all this and more is on offer at Fraser Island on Queensland’s southeast coast.
This heritage listed island is a place where you can witness nature in its most impressive, untainted glory. This paradise is a destination that someone of any age would enjoy immersing themselves in and a 4 wheel drive tour is definitely one of the most exciting ways to explore here.
With so many beautiful sights to distract a driver though, you may want to consider organising your tour here with a company like Sunset Safaris
, who offer 4WD Fraser Island tours from Noosa, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast.
But, whether you go with a professional or trek out alone, one thing’s for sure: your visit to Fraser Island is one you’ll remember for years to come.   

There's so much to see and to in southeast Queensland. Image: Gold Coast Mum

2. Cape York Development Road

This drive takes you from Cairns to the tip of Queensland (the very top of Australia!).
This is one of the country’s most renowned 4 wheel drive tracks and it’s only accessible during the dry season. You'll be challenged with difficult creek and river crossings but, instead of going through sandy deserts like so many other routes, you'll be enjoying lush rainforests.
Expect to encounter many other travellers on this popular route.
The wonderful thing about this destination is the fact that there are plenty of accommodation options and amenities; along the way, you’ll find supermarkets, general retail stores, hardware and clothing stores, food outlets, a hospital and mechanical services, even a museum… everything you could possibly need on a holiday!

3. Gibb River Road

The heart of Australia’s last remaining wilderness frontiers, this route takes you from Derby to Kununurra in Western Australia. This is a spectacular drive that passes through the Kimberley along corrugated roads that you can take on as long as you've got an advanced 4WD.
This is a unique trek as you'll get to see three different mountain ranges, all majestic and full of gorges and wide river crossings. You’ll be able to enjoy bushwalking and swimming at one of these secluded gorges and perhaps meet some Australian wildlife, all while taking in incredible views.
If you want to experience true rural life, you'll find some great camping spots along the way – you could try El Questro Station or Home Valley Station and learn about real outback Australia.

You may prefer to stick to a classic 4 wheel drive route or take one that will really challenge your driving skills and satisfy your need for adventure.

Perhaps getting in touch with nature is your preferred activity or learning more about the local history is something you’re more interested in. Whatever your preference, you're certain to find a track that suits you in Australia!

Are you a fan of 4 wheel driving? Where are your favourite locations?

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  1. Hello, Shamefully I have not visited any of the locations written about in your post...I grew up in a family of adventurers (sailing, 4WD, hiking...); and I was the BLACK SHEEP..."give me the feel of concrete between my toes and I am happy," I would laugh...now I am 'maturing'I can see the appeal in getting off the beaten track - food for thought....thank you x

    1. Aaah yes I can certainly relate. I've even recently thought caravanning the country - something I previously had no interest in - would be good with our brood. Though also has the potential to be a nightmare ;-)


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