New year, new you? Is a Government job right for you?

New year, new you? Is a Government job right for you?

Gold Coast Mum presents this article in partnership with Chandler Macleod Group.

For many people, now is the time of year when they may take a step back and reassess their career or life path.

Working in the public service sector can be a rewarding career, not just because of the opportunity to potentially make a difference but it also tends to attract relatively high incomes and good work conditions.

While today’s economic climate makes it difficult to call any job ‘secure’, government employees have the peace of mind that if they are made redundant they will receive their entitlements and assistance in obtaining a new position.

While it has its perks, some people struggle with the processes and procedures involved in working for such a regulated organisation.

What are some pros and cons of a government job? Are you searching for some tips on how to land a public service role?

Get Some Advice
The best way to determine whether a government job is right for you is to talk with someone who has experience in public service. Government is a big employer, so chances are someone in your circle of friends works in the public sector.
If not, you can always reach out to a specialist human resources and recruitment agency like the Chandler Macleod Group for their advice on government jobs and whether it’d be a good move for you.

The Benefits
From administration to healthcare, infrastructure to policy, there are so many departments, roles and potential career paths in the government sector.
One of the biggest perks is the ability to be seconded to perform higher duties, work on projects or in another team while still maintaining your permanent original role.
Most government departments will help you to obtain qualifications and experience along a defined career path developed with your manager and where possible, vacancies will be filled from an internal pool of applicants first.

There are also generally quite generous leave entitlements, flexibility options and salaries.

The Drawbacks
Transitioning into a public service role from the private sector can be challenging – there are generally very rigid rules and procedures in place. Adherence to policy is often monitored closely. Some people find this style of working to be frustrating, no matter how regimented their previous position was.
Changes of government can also dramatically impact your work priorities and there tends to be quite high levels of public scrutiny in major (and minor) projects.
These cons aren’t necessarily going to be deal breakers for most people, but you do need to be prepared to put up with a certain level of ‘red tape’ in your work environment.  

How to Get a Government Job
The public sector can be notoriously difficult to break into. The application process and selection criteria tends to be in depth and rigorous. There’re also invariably far more suitable applicants vying for the roles than there are vacant positions.
Register with a recruitment agency to give yourself the best chance when searching for a government job. Recruitment agencies often have a number of government contracts on their books, particularly for contract and temporary roles. They’ll be able to help match you to a role that suits you career aspirations and your skills.  

Whether you are considering a move into local, state or federal government, the public service sector has so many options available. It’s an ‘industry’ that is perfect for any stage of your career from starting out right through to executive level positions.

If it’s something you’d like to pursue, start speaking to potential recruitment partners today.

Do you/have you worked in the public sector? What advice would you give to someone looking to start a public service career?  

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Disney - magical fun for the whole family

Disney - magical fun for the whole family

Oh how I do love all things Disney!
See this pic below. Oh yes, that's my younger sis and I, aged 8 and 9, with Donald Duck at LA's Disneyland.


Disneyland LA - 1991
And here's me pictured with both of my younger sisters at Disneyland Paris and Disney World Florida a couple of years later. We were very fortunate to be living overseas around this time - so it was quite convenient to enjoy an amazing holiday to each of these spectacular locations.

Disneyworld Florida - 1998
Disneyland Paris - 1997

Now, if you can cast your eyes off my gorgeous teen fashion sense (halter neck tops and Calvin Klein hotpants/ Adidas shorts - whoot whoo or my middle sister's Michael Jackson get-up), you may not be surprised to know that in my days as a wannabe pop star, my plan was to move overseas to become one of the Disney princesses so I could perform live on stage every day.

It didn't work out for me, however I do have a friend who I recently found out performed as a Disney Princess for a couple of years! How cool is that!

Anyway, as you can tell, I'm a Disney lover. SO...I'm totally excited to be sharing a Disney experience with my children in a few weeks!

Sssssh, don't tell them, but under the Christmas tree this year, Miss 4 and Mr 2 will be receiving tickets to the Brisbane performance of Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales

Miss 4 and Mr 2 will be beside themselves when we see Snow White, Cinderella and Belle in January.

They will be so excited. And I too will be just as excited to see the joy on their faces when they get to experience the pure magic of a live Disney performance.

Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales. This enchanting journey features more than 25 Disney characters in an unforgettable theatrical experience for all families.
©Disney. All Rights Reserved.

From Feld Entertainment®, the producers of Disney On Ice, this authentically-woven tale of “happily-ever-after” will take us on a wacky, fun-filled journey with Mickey, Minnie and all of our favourite Disney friends.

Recently, I was lucky enough to get the chance to visit Snow White at her castle. Here's what she had to say: 

Princess Snow White, it’s so great to get to talk to you. Thank you for inviting me to the castle.
“Well, thank you for visiting.  It’s always so much fun to have friends here.”

I was wondering, now that you and the Prince are married, is this where you live?
“Yes.  After he woke me from my sleep, the Prince brought me here.  Isn’t it pretty?  And everyone is so nice.  They love to sing and dance as much as I do."

I was going to ask you about your hobbies. Besides singing and dancing, what else do you like to do?
“Let’s see… Well, I love to garden and bake.  My friends the Dwarfs are always so happy when I bring them special treats.”

What is your favourite thing to bake for them?
“Oh, that’s easy – gooseberry pies!  Even Grumpy smiles when I bring a gooseberry pie to the cottage.”

How are the Seven Dwarfs?
“They’re wonderful!  They’re very busy in their diamond mine, but they’re much better now about keeping the cottage neat and tidy.  Doc told me that he makes sure they do their chores.”

Do you get to see them often?
“Yes, why just yesterday we had a picnic in the meadow.  And we played a very fun game of hide and go seek.  Bashful is very good at hiding, you know.”

I imagine he is.  Do you also spend holidays with the Dwarfs?
“Oh, yes.  The winter holidays are our favourites.  We decorate the cottage and the castle with pretty evergreens and dried berries.  And we all get together for a great big dinner and exchange presents.”

Oh, what will you be getting the Dwarfs this year?
“Can you keep a secret?”

Of course.
“Well, I’ve knitted them each a new hat and mittens to keep them toasty warm.  It gets so cold in the forest, and I wouldn’t want them to get the sniffles.”

One more question, Princess Snow White, do you have any words of wisdom for little girls who admire you?
“Oh, goodness… well, I always try to be kind and gentle to everyone, especially my animal friends.  And if someone is feeling a little sad, I listen and make sure to give them lots of warm hugs.”

Well, thank you, Princess. It has been a pleasure speaking with you.
“Thank you!  I had so much fun.  Please do visit us again soon.”

To spend more time with Snow White step into a world of wonder where wishing is only the beginning and dreams really do come true in Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales.

For tour dates and further information on Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales, visit 

Brisbane - Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales                             
January 17 at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Ticketek on 132 849

Cairns - Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales
January 21 at the Cairns Convention Centre
TicketLink on 1300 855 835

Townsville - Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales
January 24 and 25 at the Townsville Entertainment & Convention Centre
TECC on (07) 4771 4000

* Disclaimer: Gold Coast Mum will be receiving tickets to attend the performance. All opinions are my own as always.

Have you ever been to Disneyland? What are your favourite Disney memories? Who's your favourite Disney character?

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Christmas Craft Ideas - Handprint Canvas

Christmas Craft Ideas - Handprint Canvas

Christmas may be just around the corner, but it’s not too late to get your craft on & come up with some amazing creations with the kids!
Or, if you’ve left present shopping until the last minute, cute home-made gifts are always a hit for the Grandparents on Christmas Day!

‘Made-with-love’ gifts (or home-made) are enjoyable to make with the kids (as long as paint doesn’t end up all over the furniture or floor) and are something to be treasured by the lucky recipient.

The Handprint Christmas Canvas, pictured here (made by a friend who gave me permission to share her images) is an easy and effective project.

All you need is:
A canvas
Battery-operated Christmas lights (small set or even a flashing necklace might do the trick if positioned well).

How to:
Decorate the canvas with your family’s/kids’ hand prints. Wait for the paint to dry before making holes in the canvas and positioning the lights through the holes to create your very own lit-up Christmas Tree Canvas.

You can stock up on other goodies and craft supplies from Clever Patch and whip up a ‘made-with-love’ porcelain mug decorated with the fabulous glass and glazed porcelain markers. 

Stay tuned for Miss 4 and Mr 2’s creations. Will share when they have completed their masterpieces. ;-)

What are your favourite Christmas craft activities?
Gold Coast Mum was supplied with some Clever Patch goodies to enjoy. Check out their Christmas catalogue here:
As always, all opinions are my own.

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5 tips for an eco-friendly bedroom

5 tips for an eco-friendly bedroom

Gold Coast Mum presents this article in partnership with MiniJumbuk premium wool bedding products. 

If you’re considering taking an eco-friendly ethos to the bedroom, there’s good news on a number of fronts.

The basis of being eco-friendly is using sustainable and recycled products that are often produced from natural fibres. That means it’s good for your health and easy on your hip pocket. So you can also literally rest easy knowing you’re being kind to yourself and the environment.

Here are five ways to go eco in the boudoir:

Natural fibres
The kindest thing you can do for the environment is use products made from natural and renewable resources, whether that’s sustainably grown timber bed frames or wool quilts and down filled pillows. Natural fibres also tend to have great anti-allergen and insulation properties, meaning you’re far more likely to have a good night’s sleep amongst them. For example, wool bedding is known to draw moisture away from your skin, keeping you cool in winter and warm in winter, thereby reducing your heating and cooling costs. You can check out places such as the MiniJumbuk website for some great ideas and deals on woollen bedding.

Bedrooms tend to be enclaves for wooden furniture, be it your bedframe or bedside tables. These days most wood used for furniture is sustainably produced, meaning it comes from forests grown specifically for the purpose of production that are not old growth or feature rare trees. If you’re in doubt, a quick internet search will highlight the furniture companies who place importance on sustainable production.

Using sustainable flooring such as wood really cuts down your environmental footprint, and often it’s better for your health. Synthetic carpets are a haven for dust and dust mites, so if you do like something soft underfoot in the bedroom, try to go for natural fibre carpets such as wool, or natural fibre rugs.

If you really want to embrace your inner eco-warrior, consider using recycled products, such as furniture and bedframes. You can create a truly classy bedroom utilising antique bedside tables and a dresser, or up-style some vintage items from the op-shop and give them a new lease on life. Not only are you doing the environment a massive favour, you’ll be saving yourself a packet too, and the hunt for the perfect pieces to match your vision is always a blast.

Our twincesses ‘sleep like a baby’ in their recycled (& safety approved) cots

Fresh air
Most of our environmental impact is made through the consumption of energy, so consider this as you kick back in bed. Do you really, really need that air-con or heater on while you sleep? Instead, use the assets of your natural fibre bedding and add a little extra air via fans or through open windows. If you need heat, then revisit that old water bottle instead of turning on an electric blanket.

It only takes a few little investments and a small mindshift to bring eco-friendliness into all areas of your life and, with just a couple of minor alterations, you can even do it while you sleep.


Five Ways to Stay Safe this Holiday Season

Five Ways to Stay Safe this Holiday Season

Gold Coast Mum presents this article in partnership with GC Traffic Lawyers
The holiday season has a strange effect on many motorists, and not in a good way.
Perhaps it’s the season’s cheerful aura that makes them forget or ignore basic road rules, or perhaps it’s the fact that there are many more people on the roads that makes the place seem even more dangerous than normal.
Whatever the reason, the accident rate spirals at this time of year, so it is important to remember a few things to keep you safe this holiday season.


Try Proactive Legal Advice
If you’re really worried about staying safe this season, be proactive and brush up on the current rules, regulations and responsibilities you carry as a driver. You could visit the website of a traffic law firm such as GCTraffic Lawyers for some additional information to get you on your way, or just pull out a road rule book for a bit of a refresher. You’ll be amazed at how many basic regulations you may have forgotten.
Use Common Sense
Don’t do something stupid. It sounds simple enough advice, but many accidents are caused by drivers doing silly things. Human instinct is a powerful force, and many people rue the day they decide to ignore the little warning signals in their head and take the risk anyway.
If a manoeuvre in your car seems dangerous, it probably is. If there is a nagging word of caution in your head to be careful, follow it. To be safe, you need to be smart.
Be Courteous to other Drivers
Be nice to fellow road users. If you can let a car in to the line of traffic, do so.
Don’t rush other drivers and force them to make mistakes. Showing a bit of courtesy can go a long way towards a safe and pleasant journey. And you will find that displaying courtesy to others will return courteous behaviour in kind.

Follow the Speed Limits
We’ve all heard and seen the road safety advertisements – speed kills. One of the greatest killers on the roads is speeding, so much so that law enforcement more than doubles on the roads at holiday time.
It is important to understand that speed limits are well thought out and there for a reason, not just to randomly slow you down.
Engineers have worked out the safe speeds you can do, and you are advised to respect them.
Have Rules in Your Car
Depending on your age and experience, the antics of passengers in your car can have a detrimental effect on your driving.
Distracted drivers are dangerous drivers. It is quite reasonable to set rules in your car to stop your passengers doing silly things that may distract you. Don’t feel embarrassed – safety comes first. And anyway, it’s your car, so you can set any limits you want. (Though it may be hard to get the little people in your life to abide by such rules).
Safety on the roads over the holiday period is everyone’s responsibility. You can’t stop others from doing stupid and dangerous things, but you can modify your own driving behaviour to at least take away some of the risks.


Have a safe and happy Christmas/festive season!

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Top 5 Most Exciting Things About Being Pregnant

Top 5 Most Exciting Things About Being Pregnant

Saddle up there folks, you’re in for a wild ride. Pregnancy is a mind bending foray into hormones, weekly milestones and serious physical feats.
It signals a shift into a new phase of life and is the first part of the journey into the rewarding world of parenthood.

So with such a wild and incredible ride ahead of you, what are the five most exciting things to look forward to as a pregnant woman?
Gold Coast Mum presents this article in partnership with Australian fashion maternity store Maternity Sale

You are Not Alone
From the moment you get a positive result on that pregnancy test, there is the knowledge that you are no longer alone in your body.
You are set to transform into a highly efficient factory that will ultimately produce another human being.
Long before you don a maternity dress and the world shares your secret, it’s already happening inside you.

That First Flutter
Most mums can relate to the amazing experience of feeling the first flutter of their baby.
Not a kick or a thud but a tiny, tiny flutter somewhat akin to feeling a butterfly take flight.
It’s a realisation that this baby, who will soon take hold of your entire life, is tangible and real.
(And then, as your pregnancy progresses, you may experience occasions where your bub is kicking/moving around with such enthusiasm that your colleagues, sitting across a table, will be able to see your tummy moving furiously. Yesss, this happened to me during my morning meetings whilst pregnant with my first - Miss 4).

The Physical Factor
For many of us, it's all true; your hair does magically become lustrous, your skin does glow - even as you fight relentless waves of nausea and an overwhelming urge to sleep.
That’s right, just as you start wondering why pregnancy feels like a cocktail of undeserved hangovers, seasickness and narcolepsy, your hair will start to resemble a Vidal Sassoon commercial and your skin takes on a Revlon gleam.

(This was definitely the case for me with my first pregnancy, until the last week where my body was taken over with the PUPPS rash. Hideously itchy/no sleep etc, that thankfully eased as soon as bub was born).

Enjoying my luscious locks whilst pregnant with Miss 4.


A New Look
That lustrous hair and gorgeous skin is accompanied by a body capable of amazing feats and incredible change.
Your new bustline and new bump call for some retail therapy and a new sense of style.
Now is a golden opportunity to pamper yourself with some great wardrobe items such as gorgeous maternity dresses, funky maternity shirts and seriously comfy clothes.

Maternity wear is not the frumpy stuff it used to be. Websites such as Maternity Sale feature stylish and chic pregnancy attire that will have you feeling fantastic.

With Miss 4 (then 20 months) whilst pregnant with Mr 2 (he and Miss 4 are 21 months apart).

The Kindness of Strangers
The human race is inherently wonderful when it comes to welcoming babies into the world, and that kindness generally extends to expectant mums.
The number of people who will talk to you about your baby, when it’s due and what you’re expecting is amazing.
They will share their own memories and experiences in the nicest of ways. 
It’s as if a woman in a maternity dress is an invitation to communicate about the real and personal moments of life.
People see a baby bump and are suddenly and very kindly cheering you on into parenthood.

I attracted plenty of comments and well wishes whilst at the beach while 37 weeks with my Twincesses (who were born the next day weighing 6lb6 & 6lb3).
There’s so much to be excited about when you learn you’re expecting a baby.
From feeling that first flutter to hearing your baby’s heartbeat, it’s a magical time filled with mystery, promise and change that ultimately ends with the sweetest gift of all.

If you’ve already had a baby, what did you love about pregnancy?

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