Revitalise your home without breaking the bank

Despite owning countless hand bags and pairs of shoes, I tend to wear the same few over and over again until they need replacing. And when it comes to furniture and home décor, I also stick with what I know.

Hubby and I went all out and splurged on our furniture and décor when we purchased our first home.

But nine years later, the 'well-loved' beige lounge, chaise and ottoman leave the place feeling a little dull. So we decided it was time for an update.  A chance to refresh and revitalise.

Gold Coast Mum has written this article in partnership with Super A-Mart

I went to my local Super A-Mart store (if you’re on the Gold Coast, I went to the Bundall store).
Orders can also be made via:

I was impressed by the selection of homewares on offer and spent a good couple of hours in the store trying out the various colour schemes/ pillows/ ornaments and décor that might help bring my home back to life.

What did I use to help give my home some pizazz?

Here I’ve used two Cordoba Zig Zag throws ($39.95 each) to cover up our 9-year-old lounge that, when we bought it, was our pride and joy (God forbid anyone spilt even a drop on it).
These days it’s a vomit/snot/water catcher, is a sometime trampoline and has certainly seen better days.
So, friends, please give us ample notice when you’re visiting so we can throw these gorgeous throws over the lounge before you arrive (as I fear Miss 4 & Mr 2 may damage them if we don’t use them on a sometime basis).

What a perfect opportunity to inject some colour. There were so many to choose from – I particularly liked the pineapple prints and bird prints.
A couple of colourful cushions can transform a room and its colour scheme - much better than major work such as a paint job.

These bright pillows (2 x Rainbow cushions – ‘zest’ $19.95ea, 1x Rainbow cushion – ‘orange’ $19.95 and 2x Riot cushions – emerald $15ea) replace our much loved, but sadly faded and almost destroyed pillows that my husband and I purchased whilst visiting Thailand BC (before children).


Cube book case
The easy-(for hubby)to-assemble Kubix 9 Cube Storage Unit ($49.95) provides a great opportunity to re-home some of our precious bits and pieces that have been hidden away in our glass cabinet.
Placed away from the toddler toy areas, this book shelf used here to show off ornaments and store books, should be safe from little hands. Will see how long it lasts in the lounge room before we may have to relocate it to the bedroom safe haven.

Plate stand
I received this gorgeous red/orange dish as an engagement present from a dear friend eight years ago and had used it as a dining table centrepiece for the years BC (before children).
More recently it has been stored safely in a glass cabinet (but horizontally so its impact was lost), but I am glad to have it out on display to be enjoyed once again thanks to the Black Medium Simple Plate Stand/Easel ($15.95).

Yellow photo frame
This Havana frame ($24.95) sure does ‘pop’. It matches in with the yellow cushions and gives an edgy, modern feel. (And I certainly love the photo of my twincesses that was taken exactly a year ago – when they were one week old!)

Pot plants/succulents
We’re in luck. These faux plants WILL NOT die if we’re away on holiday (the kids have also been known to be a tad too generous when it comes to watering any special plants we have).
These Sedum Pot Succulents ($19.95ea) sure do give a nice feel to the lounge and dining areas (and may have let hubby off the hook when it comes to flower purchases for a while).  


Yellow circular placemat
Also helping to keep with the yellow trend – matching the photo frame and cushions – is the Cancun placemat ($6.95ea) in yellow. For such a small inclusion, it has a big impact in my home.

Now I just need to keep the dining table clutter free so the full benefits can be enjoyed.

So there you have it. Just a few items that can leave you feeling like you have given your home a makeover.

Now…  onto decluttering and rearranging wardrobes/toys and updating our storage solutions… Oh, and did I mention I also want to give my office space an overhaul and put the kids in bunks, and….and… and…

DO YOU have any home décor tips/advice?
What areas of your home would you like to bring back to life/update/revitalise? How?

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  1. I need some throws as my kids are SO messy and they're wrecking my furniture! I hope you're trucking along Lauren, you are amazing and I admire all that you do!


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