Gold Coast Mum's big Big Brother INTRUDER reveal

OK, time to fess up...
Who else watches Big Brother Australia?

Hubby and I do (despite each year saying we probably won't/shouldn't).
This year we have been entertained by the housemates (Jason/Lawson/Kat/Priya/Skye etc) and the dramas that have unfolded.
Most recently, we have enjoyed watching the ever-entertaining Penny (who has entered the Big Brother house as an intruder)!
(How funny were her facial expressions during her encounter with a snake!?)

So... I have something to reveal...

Here I am pictured with Penny who is CURRENTLY IN the Big Brother house.

Have I entered the house??!

How/when was this pic taken you ask?



OK, well I'll come clean and admit that this photo was taken in 2009 when, while working as a News Editor for a glossy magazine, I attended the filming of So You Think You Can Dance Australia in which Penny was a fabulous contestant (but unfortunately had to pull out of the show due to an injury).

Not only is Penny an amazing dancer, she also has a personality that shines.

What are your thoughts on Big Brother 2014?

I'm loving Sonia and her gorgeous frocks - aaaaannnd watching her gorgeous growing baby bump!

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