Surely I'm not the only worry wart around?

That moment when kindy calls & you're holding your breathe, worried sick that your child is hurt or unwell...

Kindy: "Hi Lauren, it's Miss (teacher) from (kindy)..."

Me: "Hi, yesss???"

Kindy: "We're just calling to check..."

(Me still thinking omg omg is everything ok?)

Kindy: "that (Mr 2)..."

(Me thinking oh no oh no, what has he done, poor lil guy.)

Kindy: ..."has a different lunchbox today. Is it the new blue one?"

Me: Phewwwww! "Oh yes. Phew. Sorry. Yes it is a new blue Tupperware one. I forgot to label it".

Aaah can breathe easy now!

Do you also worry if/when kindy/school calls?!

Has your child/children ever been hurt at school/kindy? How quickly can you get to them?


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