Heels at home? Not a thong in sight for Mariah Carey

Oh to be a fly on the wall at Mariah Carey's house.

The songbird shared a couple of family snaps this weekend and one couldn't help but notice the diva's choice of footwear.

While many mums might prefer to get around in sweats/gym gear and thongs (flip flops) or trainers (hey, with two little ones to chase around, you need to be as mobile as possible), it seems Mariah is fashion conscious at all times, even at home, and does her best to look her best at all times (even while relaxing with her children).

A pair of high heels can be seen at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the jacuzzi.

Whether Mariah raced in from work/ a photoshoot to join her kids in the spa, or whether such heels are her everyday footwear is anybody's guess.
Seriously, who does she need to impress? She's amazing with or without footwear.

One thing's for sure, heels aren't the most practical choice of footwear when unwinding at home. 
As a mum of 7-month-old twins, a 2-year-old boy & a 4-year-old girl I can tell you right now that despite my years of experience running around in heels (& successfully navigating numerous staircases while intoxicated and racing to make the last train home from after work drinks - back in the day before kids), flats are the way to go if you want to keep up with the kids when hanging out at home.

Picture this...
Daughter: 'Hey mum, I've finisssssshed'.
Mariah: (Trotting up the hallway in her stilettos from the kitchen where she was cutting up some fruit for the children's afternoon tea) 'Hang on honey, mummy will be there to wipe your bottom in a minute'.
Hmmm, no, I can't imagine that either...

What are your thoughts?
Do you think Mariah ever lets her guard down/ unwinds in flats, are the heels just in the photos for show, or is she the diva of all divas, trotting around her home while wearing heels 24/7?!

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  1. I cant comment on Mariah's footwear but I do know I want that spa - right now!

  2. If she's wearing them at home she's a very silly woman. Why would you do that to yourself?

  3. Photo opp only surely.
    ... But then she is Mariah Carey so anything is possible!

  4. My question is why is she wearing clothes in the jacuzzi?? I'm positive she would dress down to a certain extent. Instead of heels she would have fluffy slippers that say diva on them or something :)

  5. Perhaps combine the two? High heel thongs.

    They could become the foot equivalent of the mullet. Party at front / business style at the back

  6. I like to think if I had that much money, I would wear heels all the time too. Except I wouldn't, because THOSE THINGS HURT! Clearly that was done for the camera...SURELY!?

  7. They were put there on purpose for SURE - by whoever took the pic! Although I don't care I just want her life!!!!! Thanks for linking lovely xxx

  8. Chiming in late - I'm wondering how much bottom wiping Mariah actually does, what with nannies on hand and heels to wear!


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