Why Offspring disappointed me tonight

Just watching Offspring & couldn't help but notice Nina's bub (supposed to be around 6months) in a car seat forward facing! :-(
Grrr surely the writers could have received better advice when it comes to infant safety!

It saddens me that too many people think that because some seats & laws permit forward facing FROM 6 months, it doesn't mean bubs should be turned then. It's not a milestone at all.

It's safer to rear face for as long as possible. That's not just my opinion, it's proven fact.

My son, who was 10lb (4.55kg) & 56cm at birth managed to stay rear facing til at least 11months, so the size issue doesn't cut it.

Broken legs = cast it. Broken neck = casket.

Does anyone else get their knickers in a knot over this type of thing as well?

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