That woman sobbing on the side of the road this week, that was me...

This week started well. No, well actually Monday was a good day but things can quickly change.
Whilst driving home from an appointment, I noticed the blue & red lights start flashing behind me.
I was pulled over by the Police. I was fined for going through an AMBER light :-(

The damage...$330. An amount not in our budget. 

The fact that I genuinely didn't think I had broken the law combined with the cost of the fine (& just my general annoyance with bad luck striking as - until now - I have a squeaky clean record) brought me to tears & I sobbed throughout my time on the roadside while being breath tested & waiting for the newbie officer to check my rego details & return to my car to hand me the fine.

When I got home, Miss 3 noticed something was up straight away & asked if I was upset & I made up an excuse about hurting my toe (as we usually prefer to only discuss Police in a positive light).

With some encouragement from hubby, sis & my mum, I (& my puffy red crying face) went along to Zumba class to dance it off. Which, after a couple of songs I was able to do.

The next morning I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck. Not just because of the tears I had shed the evening before, but because during the night, Mr 2 began showing signs of a fever.
A house-call Doctor diagnosed it as a virus. Our lil man was up all night due to the pain in his throat/mouth.

By Wednesday morning, our lil man was in a great deal of pain. He couldn't swallow & a rash had made its appearance on his hands, feet, mouth & neck.
Another appointment with a GP confirmed it was Hand, Foot & Mouth.
And so began the process of cleaning & sanitising everything to prevent the other three kids from getting it and a diet of ice cream, ice blocks, ice cold water, fruit smoothies & chocolate frappes for our lil man who wouldn't eat anything else (though he did have twisties & a piece of cookies & cream choc, tsk tsk I know).
Poor Mr 2 would cry every time he had to take pain medication & would cry each time he rolled over during the night.
A call to kindy to advise them of Mr 2's condition also confirmed that the nasty virus was doing the rounds at our kindy with a girl being sent home with it the day before.

As usual, it's been a hectic week. Though instead of catching up with a friends for play dates or attending swimming & dance classes, we've been kept in quarantine.
I'm thankful to have family members in the area who were able to lend a hand while hubby was at work & I was trying to console a sad, in-pain, clingy 2yo, & deal with 5-month old twincesses who still breastfeed quite often & my THREE-nager ;-) whilst also trying to keep them apart.

According to Health NSW:
Hand, foot and mouth disease is generally a mild illness caused by a number of enteroviruses, particularly coxsackieviruses. It is usually not a serious illness, and occurs mainly in children under 10 years of age but can also occur in older children and adults. 

It is not related to the foot-and-mouth disease that affects cattle.
  • When symptoms do occur, they include blisters that start as small red dots which later become ulcers. Blisters appear inside the cheeks, gums, and on the sides of the tongue, as well as on the hands and feet. In infants, sometimes blisters can be seen in the nappy area. Blisters usually last for seven to 10 days.
  • Children can sometimes have a low fever, irritability, sore throat, tiredness, feel off colour and may be off their food for a day or two.

Which unfriendly illnesses have your little ones had?
Any tips on avoiding the kindy illnesses?
What was your last brush with the law?


  1. Oh what a week. We had Hand Foot & Mouth go around at kinder a few years back. It's no fun at all. Take care of your lil man.

  2. What a harsh week! Hope things are getting better now and you can all get back to normal.

  3. Oh what a shocker, Lauren. The only way is up for here, surely...

  4. $330 for an amber light is ridiculous! I hope you contest it, if you have a clean record and the officer was new they might just let you off. My eldest had hand foot and mouth disease when she was much younger, and recovered well. Hope your little one is over the worst of it.

  5. Oh Lauren, what a crap week. We've had Hand, Foot & Mouth here several times when the kids were small, and they were utterly miserable. And $300 for going through an amber light is completely ridiculous !
    I hope you have some easy plans for the weekend, be kind to yourself xxx

  6. Aaaaarrgh you poor thing!!! Weeks like that just hit you for six don't they! Just after my Miss L was born I parked in a disabled bay purely by accident (in my no sleep newborn zoned out phase) and I was sapped with a $650 fine!!! I was sobbing on the side of the road too. Hope the weekend is better xxx

  7. Oh Lauren! I feel for you. I really do. I didn't even know you could get fined for going through an orange light. As for the hand foot and mouth. Your poor boy and poor you. It looks so painful. I really hope you have a better weekend and even better week next week. You must be bloody exhausted. xx

  8. What a terrible week. I had no idea you could be fined for going through an Amber light. We haven't experienced hand foot and mouth yet, we did have a measles scare last year with my then 20 nth old which had us in quarantine for a week. I hope you can take some time out for yourself this weekend xx

  9. What a bad run you've had. It's been a while since my last police ticket of any kind but they always make me feel sick to the stomach, they're such a waste of money. And $330....what a rip off!!!! Hope your little boy is feeling better soon, sounds nasty xx

  10. Poor little man. I hope he feels better soon and so sorry about the amber light ticket - I never knew that could happen!

  11. That's a bit unfair being fined for going through the amber light. I would have thought it was safer to keep going through rather than slam on the brakes! Hope you little one is better soon. On a different note, I noticed that you've got lots of cool little buttons on your sidebar. Could I ask: How do you add buttons to your sidebar? Thanks :)

  12. Oh hun, what a shocker of a week! I seriously didn't know you could get fined for going through an amber light, seems pretty harsh.
    I hope your little guy is feeling better soon, and doesn't share it with the rest of you.

  13. An AMBER light?? Really? I'm going to look that up. Surely that isn't right?
    As for Hand foot and mouth, poor mite, it's awful. My boy had it last year.

  14. I actually had that illness when I was 15. It feels horrible! I remember the stinging pain of those welts and my mouth was full of ulcers! I am surprised none of mine have contracted it so far. My Husband was pulled over a few weeks back and given a $722 fine for driving an unlicensed vehicle! Can we swap fines?! Hope things improve.


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