My little treasures

So my twincesses are now almost six months old and are absolutely divine!

The super hard (hectic/chaotic/teary) first three or so months are now a distant memory as our twincesses are cheerful little things & really quite chilled out (now!).
Our two tiniest cherubs are smiling, giggling, squealing, grabbing toys, rolling both ways (& prefer rolling over to sleep on their tummies), shuffling around &, in the past few weeks, have become finger & thumb suckers.

The biggest change from the newborn weeks has been the twins' love of sleep. 
It's like they have swapped places with Mr 2 & Miss just-turned-4 (who were good sleepers until recently).
Since around 4 months, our twins are sleeping 12/13 hours a night. They're still exclusively breastfed so it means I'm waking up quite engorged some mornings ;-)
It's now the older two who are waking once or twice a night wanting cuddles with hubby &/or I (so some nights it's pretty squishy in the bed).

Hubby & I believe it has been the twins' abilities to self-settle that has enabled them to sleep through the night from a young age (they had long stints from just a few weeks old). 

I try not to feed them to sleep (a habit I had to break with Miss 4 when she was around 11months as she was only able to get back to sleep by being fed to sleep), and they can be put to bed to go off to sleep quickly and peacefully on their own (most of the time, but there are times where we can't help but give extra cuddles etc).

Now that our twincesses are sleeping so well, it's also handy to have nappies that are super absorbent/keep them dry overnight.
We recently trialled Treasures nappies and found them to do the job perfectly for our twincesses & Mr 2 (who has showed lots of interest in potty training with some wees & no.2s but not 100% ready just yet).

If you'd like a chance to give the nappies a try, see details below:

WIN $75 worth of Treasures nappies!
To enter, please comment below & on the Gold Coast Mum Facebook page with your top tip for getting your little one/s sleeping through the night.
One winner will be selected by Gold Coast Mum on May 9, 2014.

*This is not a paid post. Product was received for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

* These views are the personal views of Lauren - Gold Coast Mum & do not necessarily reflect the views of Treasures.

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  1. My tip would be to tire them out with lots of activities and outdoor play so they crash at bedtime :) #sleepingtreasures


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