Five months of double delight

Well that was the quickest five months in world history, surely!?
That's right, my twincesses are now five months old. That's almost HALF A YEAR. What the?!
They're such delightful little things and are so happy and content now, which is so lovely and such a relief after an unsettled stage to begin with.

Natalia (the bigger out of the two with slightly more hair) and Victoria love to smile and giggle and love being squished by their big brother and big sister.
They also love rolling from front to back and back to front. And, when we put them to bed on their backs, they love to turn over onto their tummies. Just how I like to sleep too!

The girls are still breastfed and we'll be starting solids in a few weeks, around six-month mark.
At their recent weigh-in, Natalia was 6.8kg and Victoria was 6.3kg. So they're doing super well. :-)

The girls' hair, as well as my own hair, is shedding. Victoria likes sucking her thumb while Natalia likes to suck her own fingers. The girls are sharing a cot for now. They have also enjoyed a trip to the circus and a road trip to Sydney and back (for a friend's wedding) where they did so well - 11 hours of travelling each way!

I can't yet fit back into my wedding rings but have been back to Zumba a couple of times. But am feeling good. 

Thankfully, the twins are sleeping 10-12 hours most nights (it's now the toddlers who are causing grief some nights amazingly when they were previously the best sleepers).

We still can't believe how lucky we are to have our precious cherubs - all four of them. And through the chaos and mayhem each day it's such a lovely thing to reflect on.

And here's a pic of Mr 2 who hasn't been feeling well lately. Xx

CLICK BELOW LINK for VIDEO of our youngest princesses squealing at each other:


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