New Random venture for Mamamia's Mia Freedman?

For those social media observers (junkies) like me, I've watched with interest over the past few days as Mamamia founder/publisher (& totally awesome chick) Mia Freedman has promoted/shared links on her Facebook & Twitter accounts to new Facebook page/website Random Harry.
(You may be wondering how I have the time with four children under four, but I do spend a lot of time sitting while tandem breastfeeding my 4-month-old twin daughters which allows me chance to get my social media fix).

When I first noticed the sudden increase in posts/shares from Mia leading back to Random Harry a few days ago, I, being the Mia fan that I am, jumped on board and liked the Random Harry Facebook page.
At that stage there were only around 300 likers.
Now, I notice there are more than 1300 likers on Facebook.
Not a bad increase, thanks to Mia's push. But considering Mia's fab following (including approx 31,000 Facebook likers) I would have assumed the uptake to be much quicker.
(But interestingly, only around 22 Twitter followers - at least eight of whom also have a link to iVillage or Mamamia).

Curious about Mia's sudden willingness to share items from a page with an amount of enthusiasm that is usually, & with good reason, reserved for iVillage and Mamamia content, I was interested to find out more about the possible link between Mia & Random Harry.

I Tweeted Mia & Random Harry but didn't receive a response.

Is Random Harry Mia's latest venture/side project? Is it her latest quest to capture more of the online space that she has already done so well at mastering?
Is it something one of her employees has embarked on with Mia's full support?
I'm thinking there HAS to be a link to iVillage/Mamamia as many of the current Twitter followers appear to be employed by Mia.

Perhaps the most important/telling element in this social media mystery, is the strong resemblance between the dog featured in the Random Harry logo & this pic of Mia's dog, that also happens to be named...HARRY(!!!) (that she shared on her Mia Freedman Online Facebook page) on March 8.


Not that any of this even matters (hopefully I'm not spoiling any major plans/announcements etc as I'm a big fan of Mia's work), but I couldn't help but notice a possible link & was intrigued when I connected the dots, so thought it might be interesting to put out there in case anyone else is wondering the same thing... Or if I'm just a sleep deprived weirdo overthinking things.

If you hear/see anything, feel free to sing out.

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  1. Detective in the making! haha. Interested to see what happens with us and what Mia has planned :)

  2. Haha I wondered the same. In fact when certain clues had me thinking they were linked, I googled the two terms together and found your site.
    As a former MM intern, here's what I know:
    The new site coordinator of Random Harry is Elissa Ratliff, formerly one of Mamamia's editorial assistant. She recently changed her LinkedIn profile to say she was a site coordinator at random harry as part of the Mamamia network.

    I also heard they were launching a new beauty website later this year. That's why Alyx Gorman came on board. They also trademarked the name 'The Glow' and if you head to it very much fit's Mamamia's style theme.


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