Multiple Birth Awareness Week - radio interview

My family and I were recently invited to the studios of ABC Radio Gold Coast to chat about our experience so far with our gorgeous twins (& our reaction when we found out we were double blessed), the challenges of four under four & Multiple Birth Awareness Week.

Hubby was at work so after finishing up a photo shoot with our local newspaper (thankfully had my Mum come and help mind the toddlers while I attended to the twins for the shoot in the park) I then carted Miss 3, Mr 2 & our 4-month-old twincesses on my own to the ABC Radio studio, where, thankfully, hubby was able to meet us as he had finished work.

All four kiddies joined hubby and I in the studio as the Producer and Announcer were very accommodating and were keen for the kids to play/make noise to add atmosphere (so if I seem a little distracted or mispronounce a couple of words, ha ha, I may have been trying to make sure certain toddlers weren't licking the microphones or spinning around on the office chairs, ha ha).

It was fun! 

In addition to all the great support and information I mentioned that the Gold Coast Multiple Club offers, as part of the Australian Multiple Birth Association, such as the book library, loan premie clothes etc, there are also information evenings and information available to assist not only parents of younger multiples, but parents sending multiples to school and all the different challenges that may include.

Happy Multiple Birth Awareness Week!

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