Kitchen tip: How to clean up a broken egg

Dammit, so you were clearly just throwing eggs around your kitchen like you were working at a teppanyaki restaurant & one happened to splat all over your floor. (Or, like me in this instance, just TRYING to multi-task while trying to make an omelette).

Well, we all know how tricky (& gooey & gross) clearing up egg can be (much like dealing with toddler snot but x100), so here's a nifty little trick that helps make the situation much more mess-free.

1. Pour salt on & around egg
(The salt helps to contain the spread and helps to solidify the egg goo)

2. Wipe it all into a pile in the centre (omg can you just seeee how easy it is thanks to the salt?!) 
(Use an old cloth you can throw away straight after or paper towel)

3. Keep wiping...

4. Once the egg & salt is all in a small pile, you can pick it up with some paper towel to put in the bin. Or can scoop it onto a small dish & then transfer straight to the bin.
Most traces of the egg should then be gone. But it's worth going over the area with your preferred cleaning spray/antibacterial/floor cleaning product & paper towel to ensure the area is free of any nasties.


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