Kissing your kids on the lips. Are you guilty?

So Jessica Alba has gone out & defended kissing her children on the lips. What the?

For most parents, it's one of the most natural things. It's a non issue.

Appearing on the cover of the April 2014 issue of Redbook, JAlba answered a bunch of questions for the feature.

According to Perez The profile enlightened the world on Jessica's life with her husband Cash Warren and their daughters Honor and Haven. But one thing that Jessica seemed taken aback by was when she realized not ALL parents kiss their kids on their lips!
Jessica had no clue why that was, and went on to defend her parenting skills. 
She said:
"Really? Why?! It's your baby. People allow dogs to lick at their mouths."


I agree! What could possibly be wrong with showing some affection to your little ones?

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Though I'm not sure what prompted JAlba to discuss kissing one’s children. 
Is it really such a big deal? 

I can remember sitting around with colleagues at a work meeting a few years ago, discussing this sometimes touchy subject as we viewed photos of celebs kissing their kids (for a pic spread in an upcoming edition of the magazine).
A male colleague, who had no kids at that stage, expressed his disgust at mums and dads kissing their offspring on the lips.
Not yet a parent myself at that stage, but pretty sure of my maternal instinct, I defended the act.

And now, years later, with four children of my own, I can proudly say, yes I'm one of those mums who can't help but smother my bubs (big & small) with kisses.
Who can resist those chubby cheeks, milk drunk smiles & chubba bubba thighs?!

My male colleague now has kid/s of his own, I hear, so I'd be interested to know if his opinion has changed, and whether he has been able to resist smooching his babies. 
I know my husband and I aren't shy when it comes to showing our kids how much they are loved.

Most people I know kiss their kids on the lips when, for example, saying goodnight, goodbye or I love you. 
People do it all the time. Every day. 
There's no harm in a peck on the lips, surely!? (Though those sloppy kisses that come with a free side of slobber and snot can sometimes be not so pleasant. But when it's a well meaning two-year-old delivering it as he proudly tells you he "wuvs you", how can your heart NOT melt!?)

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During the interview JAlba also revealed that her mother's group (or 'Mommy and Me group' in the US) are some of her tightest confidants, saying: "They're some of my closest girlfriends."

Surely pecking your kids on the lips is not such a big deal?

Are those who have an issue with it possibly affected by other issues for it to be considered in a negative light (eg perhaps along similar lines as those who choose not to breastfeed due to perceived sexual links/issues)?

Do you kiss your kids on the lips? If not,why not? When is the appropriate age to stop?
Where do you draw the line, eg are aunts/grandparents allowed to kiss on the lips?

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  1. My husband and I both kiss our kids on the lips and it does seem the most natural thing in the world. People are crazy. There's nothing wrong with it!!

  2. Goodness that's ridick that some people are against or offended by it, we do it, the kids are the worst offenders for sloppy ones but who cares! Not a big deal in my books - xx

  3. Wow, I never even knew this was an issue! I kiss my baby on the lips all the time. He hasn't quite figured out how to kiss me back yet so it can get a little messy, but still. I reckon parents who don't kiss their kids are the strange ones!!!

  4. I remember when Lior first started intentionally kissing us I sort of moved my face to the side so he could kiss my cheek, and he just got my face in his hands and moved me round so he could smack one on my lips!! I guess it makes sense - this is the example of kissing that he sees, as it's how my husband and I kiss!

  5. Never even thought about it to be honest. We just show normal affection, whether it be a kiss on the cheek, a hug or the lips.

  6. I don't think I kiss on the lips very often. Showering those chubby cheeks with love is more my style. I certainly don't stand in judgement of lip kissers - of children - personally I think adult lip kissers who isn't your significant other is weird. Like my mother-in-law. Big smackaroo on the lips. Every.Single.Time. I really wish she wouldn't...

  7. I kiss my 3 girls on the lips because they offer them up for kissing, sometimes. So I return the affection in the way they are asking :) What age will I stop ... when they stop offering lips for kissing! whenever that might be. Kids know who they want to express affection with and how ...

  8. Yes! I had this exact same conversation a while ago; I didn't realise people thought there was anything wrong with it. Turns out the person who thought it was a little odd was my own wife!

    I wrote about it here, and conducted a little poll.

    Great article!

  9. Yep, never thought it was a big deal. I still sometimes kiss my Dad on the lips, it's just a sign of affection, and so far removed from anything even remotely sexual when it comes to being between a parent and their kids. I do think that if people do have a problem it comes down more to their own experience than anything else and nothing to do with it actually being "wrong" or "right".

  10. I absolutely kiss my daughter on the lips. Sometimes it's my idea, and sometimes she just grabs my face and drags me down for a smooch. I love that she's so comfortable with the affection she receives that she can ask for it whenever she feels like it.

  11. Guilty as charged! I adore kisses from my 2 year old. Buuuttt... we've learned that it's not exactly the most hygenic thing. He managed to pass on a tummy bug to me and then to my whole extended family within the course of a few days... most likely in part to the sloppy kisses he loves to give when he says hi or bye. Oops.

  12. Oh my goodness, a little while ago I ended up having this conversation with my friends and the majority of them thought it was weird to kiss your kids or conversely kiss your parents on the lips. One of my friends will turn her face and give her kids her cheek if they reach up to kiss her. I totally had no idea that it was an issue before having this conversation either - to me it seems like the most normal and lovely exchange of love between a parent and child.

  13. I'm guilty and I will not ever change

  14. No.i don't kiss anyone on the lips apart from my partner.i adore my kids and my parents but none of us kiss on the lips,it feels wrong.but everyone to their own.


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