Creating a rod for your own back...what's so wrong with feeding your bub to sleep?

The topic of feeding to sleep is something many people have an opinion on.

Whether it's breast or bottle, yes feeding to sleep CAN create bad sleep associations - eg it's the only way bub knows how to get to sleep so may wake multiple times throughout the night looking for boob (or dummy users can have same issue) to put them back to sleep.

I fed my first born (daughter now 3) to sleep til she was 11 months & still waking a few times overnight.
I remember people telling me to let her 'cry it out' (hellll noooo) when she was only a few weeks old but that didn't sit comfortably with me. There was no way I was letting my precious newborn be so sad.
So I continued feeding her to sleep - because it worked (til it no longer worked). 

Hubby & I decided we did need to try and change our firstborn's bedtime routine to improve her sleeping habits at around 11/12 months.
After a few nights of whinging (but not upset), she finally was able to be put down in her cot at night after her final breast feed and get herself off to sleep.
As so as she was able to self settle, she was sleeping like a champ. Because she KNEW she could roll over and put herself back to sleep if she did wake in the middle of the night. That she didn't NEED a boob (or dummy for others playing at home).
Some nights, yes of course, she just wanted cuddles from Mummy & Daddy (which we of course welcomed), but generally she transformed into a fab sleeper.

So second time around, with our son, I knew to still feed him til almost to sleep, but put down burped and drowsy so he could get himself off to sleep happily with no tears and he was a great sleeper. I can still recall patches where I did feed him to sleep, even a couple of times after the 12-month mark & when I was in the early stages of pregnancy with my twins. But then he dropped that final feed before bed altogether & his breastfeeding journey ended & he would wave and say good night and go off to bed/sleep happily. (Now is a different story though, since recently transferring from cot to toddler bed, we're now sitting/laying with him for 10mins each night as he drops off to sleep).

Given our previous two experiences, we've been trying to do the same with our 4-month-old twin girls. 
Some nights yes they do fall asleep on the boob, but mostly (like tonight) they fed fed fed (cluster fed for hour) then once they're content, burp, wrap and put in cot awake and they roll over and go to sleep. 
It's great. Most nights they sleep 9-10 hours but there are some nights (growth spurts/ supply building) when they might wake once or twice.

I remember people saying, first time round, 'you're creating a rod for your own back' or shaking their head as they warned me that I was 'creating bad habits' etc, but I enjoyed it (til she wasn't sleeping and waking so often for boob to put her back to sleep). 
And yes, we knew better for next time. 

No one can tell you what to do, you just have to experience what works for you. 
Hubby and I did it in a way we were all comfortable with, in a way that did not upset our babies. I've always demand fed and act fast to meet their needs rather than trying to stick to a 'routine' that bub may not necessarily know about (hello coz they can't read yet. They just know they're hungry/hot/cold/want cuddles when they want it. Not on a schedule).

My advice is, listen to all the tips/advice/ books, take elements that work for you & do only what you're comfortable with. :-D

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