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Just putting it out there. After seeing this pic of the gorgeous Jennifer Garner, I'm making the call that she's preggas with number four.
Her son is around same age as mine so I watched her regain her pre-baby body with interest & she certainly managed to look super fit & healthy again. But, in these new pics, you can't help but notice a lil something something goin on around her midsection (that wasn't there before...)
Are congrats order?

And while I'm discussing ladies with-child, I couldn't help but notice how fab former Home and Away star Jodi Anasta (Gordon) is looking. 
She has blossomed, with what looks like a perfectly healthy weight gain which is so refreshing to see rather than preggas celebs with bones protruding & just these mini beach ball-like bumps.
As they say, the extra kilos are great to have stored as you hardly get chance to make yourself a sandwich as a new mum. Excited to hear news of her bub's arrival.

Simon Cowell's partner & mother to his newborn son is seemingly living life like she hasn't just given birth... In the days after each of my four cherubs were born, the last thing I could imagine doing was getting around in a short shorts/ kaftan for fear of my massive maternity pads becoming visible, possible leakage (let's be honest, it's not pretty is it mums?!) & what about the any stitches that may not make life so comfortable for a minimum two weeks. 
Do these celebs have supersonic recoveries or what!? Good on her looking fab & enjoying her newborn.
But wow!

My fav Princess Mary (who I once got within metres of when her car went right past my feet as she arrived at an event in Sydney) is still as down to earth as ever according to these pics.
The fellow twin mum looks fab spending time with her hubby & four kids.
I grew up enjoying annual ski trips & can't wait to take my kids to the snow when they're bigger (though we'll probably need a cast of thousands to help, lol).

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