Are you REALLY listening to your children? (Or too busy looking at your phone?)

This article by Hands Free Mama really struck a chord with me.

In today's digital age where many of us spend so much time engrossed in our smart phones or tablet devices, it's soooo important to really find that balance & ensure your children really have, & FEEL like they have, our full attention.

"Our children are learning how to navigate life in a digital world by watching us. Through mindful technology use, children can learn there is a time and place for our devices. On the flip side, if we constantly have a device in our hand or our face in a screen, they will learn that the device takes priority over human beings and real life experiences. Their tech use is likely to resemble our tech use – so what we do with our device at the dinner table, while driving, or while waiting at a restaurant is likely what they will do." - Hands Free Mama

I'd want my children to remember me as the loving, caring, fun & ATTENTIVE mum I try to be every day. Not someone too busy juggling too many things to really engage with them, understand &, most importantly, LISTEN to them.

This article is once again a timely reminder to focus on what's important, & I'll be ensuring I pay particular attention to these things from now on. 
Phone calls can wait, emails can wait, Facebook can wait (but, hey, lucky I can schedule some posts in advance - or do it in bursts when my brood are sleeping - so as not to interfere with 'family time').

"When my children were born, I vowed to give them that same gift. Even at my most distracted and overwhelmed, I can remember offering The Listening Face to my children. It was the one thing I knew I could do well even if I failed at everything else.  And now, I continue to make every effort to listen with a loving, non-judgmental expression because I know how critically important it is to the emotional wellbeing of a child (big or small)." - Hands Free Mama

See the article in full at:

What are your thoughts? Do you make a conscious effort to be "hands free" to ensure your children are enjoying you at your fullest potential with undivided love & attention each day?

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