Newborn TWIN photography - our twincesses

Just LOOK at these gorgeous images of my TWINCESSES!

I know I am completely biased, but I'm seriously in love with these images that were taken of our girls by a lovely Gold Coast photographer - Rach from Atomicbutterfly Photography - (who also happens to be a twin mumma) that I just HAD to share a couple of them!

While pregnant with my twin girls, whenever I came across newborn twin pics my heart would melt.

I had been a fan of Atomicbutterfly's work on Facebook for some time and loved Rach's style of photography. 
Whenever one of her adorable newborn pics appeared in my Facebook feed, I would take mental notes, like 'YESSS that's the shot I want of my twinnies when they arrive'.
So I was so excited when we were able to have photos done with Rach in her new studio at Burleigh when my twincesses were almost two weeks old.

The studio was easy to get to and was very attractive and inviting - featuring lots of beautiful images showcasing Rach's work.
The studio is a credit to Rach, whose business was originally home based, but when the shoot props started taking over her lounge room and business boomed, she had to expand out of the home origins.

Rach and her assistant for the day made my twin  girls and I feel very welcome (hubby took our toddlers to a nearby park for a play and swim while I was in photo shoot mode with the twins as it would have been a bit hectic having impatient toddlers running around).

Rach and her assistant carefully positioned Natalia and Victoria for each pose, and, as the twins were a bit older than the preferred 10-days-old-and-under time frame for newborn photography, they did wake a couple of times and have to be settled back to sleep so the shoot could continue.
But Rach and her assistant were fabulous at 'ssshing' the girls and ensuring suitable white noise was playing to help transport the girls back into their deep slumber.
And of course, there were a couple of small accidents that occurred while the girls were nappy free, but Rach assured me this was completely normal. Phew!

When hubby arrived at the end of the shoot, we quickly managed to get a snap of him with the girls in each arm (photo below) and we were joking about how funny it would be if one of the girls happened to have a no.3 while their bottom was so perfectly positioned next to his face. Gross I know. But still hilarious when a couple of suspicious sounds were made.

I was a tad bummed I was so rushed getting out of the house that morning with our brood (and sleep deprived) that I didn't get time to 'beautify' myself or even style my hair how I would prefer (it was scraped back in a wet bun), but the photos are something my family and I will treasure forever!

We're so happy with the pics and would definitely recommend Rach, a fellow twin mumma!

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