Tattooing a newborn's ear?!

Due to the countless hours spent holding, snuggling and nursing my twincesses, a strange phenomenon that caught my attention when my older two were babies, has reappeared.

Yes, it's the ear imprint.
Whaaat? Whaaat you say?

Now, just to clarify, in case the headline has you concerned that this post is about babies having THEIR ears tattooed... It is not. Phewww!

Surely I'm not the only one who has experienced this baby-ear-imprint phenomenon and finds it super cute?!

Y'know, the imprint of your newborn's tiny little ear left on your arm (usually when your arm is or has 'gone dead' from holding bub for too long in the same position).

With each of my four babies the ear-imprint-on-mum's-arm scenario has occurred numerous times.

I can also remember seeing somewhere a photo of a mum who actually had the imprint of her bub's ear tattooed in the same spot on her arm as a reminder of those precious moments spent nursing her baby (holding or breastfeeding). (Would love to track down that pic).

Not sure I'd go as far as a tat, but just had to get a photo this time when I remembered how it's something that has captured my attention with each of my bubs.

This time around, as I'm usually tandem feeding my twins in a football hold on a twin breastfeeding pillow (that I've hired from the local Multiples Club I am a new member of), the opportunity for an ear imprint doesn't occur as often as with my singletons.
Mainly just if I'm feeding one of the twins on her own.

Did the ear imprint interest you/ did you ever notice your bub's ear imprint?

Or am I just soooo sleep deprived & delirious that my mind is spending waaay too much time overthinking such things? ;-)

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  1. Nope, not crazy, I too love the ear imprint. I always have a thing about making sure bub's ear isn't squished in the crook of my arm while he's feeding :-)

    1. Saaame Kate! I always make sure of that too - hate it when their lil lobes are folded ;-)

  2. I only breastfed each of my 4 Children for a short time, but I do remember their ear imprints on my arm. Most of the time though, it was very hot & I would place a cloth over my arm so their head would not stick tomy arm. LOL

  3. I don't remember the earprint on my arm, I do remember bubs ear being folded over and stuck to their own head though! :)

  4. Yes, I remember that well. It's lovely :)

  5. Yep you are definitely overtired and going a wee bit cray cray - hee hee - BUT you are also right, I forgot about that too. You are dong a superb job super mum! x Em


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