Our twins' newborn photo shoot

Ooh loving our photos from today taken by the lovely @Kat Tait Photography.

Our twinnies Natalia & Victoria - 9 days old <3

The girls were so calm & peaceful throughout the shoot.

There was a no.3 experience (& a couple of almosts) which made us all chuckle (Miss 3 had an explosion all over me during a photo shoot when she was 6 weeks old so it was highly amusing that her sisters managed to follow suit just as I was recounting the story - ha ha!)

Our photographer Kat was fabulous to work with - so lovely & the studio was nice & cosy which kept the girls comfortable & sleepy for the whole shoot.

So happy to have such gorgeous pics to look back on!


    I wish we had done newborn shoots but they were still in special care (unnecessary) till 20-21 days.

  2. Too precious! What beautiful photos!

  3. Such gorgeous girls, and beautiful photographs to treasure too.

  4. Thanks everyone. These are just the few pics we've seen - can't wait to see the rest of the pics :-)


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