Growing up so fast/ baby milestones

Growing up so fast/ baby milestones

So today my gorgeous twins girls are four weeks old. FOUR weeks!
Time is flying!
It feels like just yesterday that the girls were wriggling around in my belly.

We've been taking PLENTY of photos of our twincesses & toddlers (soooo many that my iPhone keeps getting too full & I have to use hubby's to take pics til I've backed-up the files!)
I have also used Milestone Baby Cards we received from Finlee & Me to capture our twincesses in a special photo each week for our own albums and to share on Facebook for family, friends & others.

The set of Milestone Baby Cards ($31.95) contains 30 cards with all the major milestones, each one beautifully illustrated by Australian artist Beci Orpin.

I was thrilled to review these and think they're such a great idea!

Like all newborns, our twincesses have been enjoying seeing hubby & I's smiling faces at all hours so we're a bit sleep deprived & are very much looking forward to the day we can photograph them with the 'TODAY I SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT' milestone card, ha ha, as well as all the exciting milestones they'll reach in their own time.
So much to enjoy & look forward to.

Can check them out here:

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Disclosure: Product was received for review. No payment was received. All opinions are my own.

Twins - 2 weeks old

Twins - 2 weeks old

Our little twinnies are doing fab!

Had a weigh-in today & they are both gaining weight really well! Yay!

Makes sense seeings as they've been feeding so often = tired mummy & tired daddy (who helps with some EBM top ups while he's still off work).

So glad the breast feeding is working out again (even though I had doubts about supply/ their latch etc but all going super well, hooray!).

We took part in another photo shoot yesterday with another fab Gold Coast photographer - Rach from Atomicbutterfly Photography (assisted by Chloe from Kist Photography).
Will include some of the pics as we receive them. :-)

And looking forward to seeing our family photos taken by Kat Tait Photography (on a very hectic morning over the weekend when Miss 3 & Mr 22 months were intent on being lil rascals ha ha!)

As you may be able to tell by now, I love having beautiful family photos to treasure! :-)

Our twins' newborn photo shoot

Our twins' newborn photo shoot

Ooh loving our photos from today taken by the lovely @Kat Tait Photography.

Our twinnies Natalia & Victoria - 9 days old <3

The girls were so calm & peaceful throughout the shoot.

There was a no.3 experience (& a couple of almosts) which made us all chuckle (Miss 3 had an explosion all over me during a photo shoot when she was 6 weeks old so it was highly amusing that her sisters managed to follow suit just as I was recounting the story - ha ha!)

Our photographer Kat was fabulous to work with - so lovely & the studio was nice & cosy which kept the girls comfortable & sleepy for the whole shoot.

So happy to have such gorgeous pics to look back on!



Time is flying!

Our beautiful twins are 1-week-old today (has gone so fast) & it's also hubby & I's 6th Wedding Anniversary.

Hubby & I were married on a Golf Course on Sydney's northern beaches with the golf course & ocean as the backdrop.

It was a fantastic day ( even though it rained during the first half of our outdoor ceremony which meant we all had to run for cover as the storm rolled in. But on the plus side, I got to walk down the aisle twice as got to do it again once everyone was reseated in the terrace area).

We had already been together for 7 wonderful years when we finally tied the knot, and it has been a fabulous 6 years since!

And now, we feel so proud & lucky to have our FOUR beautiful children - Miss 3, Mr 22 months & our 1-week-old twin girls.

:-) <3

Our TWINS have arrived!

Our TWINS have arrived!


Natalia Jacqueline born 1.45pm.

Victoria Maya born 1.58pm (breech).

All happy & healthy. :-)

Both 50cm long, heads 35&34cm, weighing 2.99kg & 2.7kg.

So in love :-)

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