Twin bump update 34 weeks

This week we had an ultrasound where we found out our twins are each weighing approx 2.9kg (6lb5oz)!

Twin A is breech but Twin B (which is 'presenting' & will be the first born) is head down & ready to go.

So all is looking good for a natural delivery.

The twins are currently facing each other (so their limbs are facing each other so no doubt they're enjoying boxing matches).

Twin bump update pics for this week (34 WEEKS):


  1. You look awesome lovely! So what happens now? You wait til waters break? So I guess it happens earlier with twins?? MAN I hope so for your sake! What an experience and those photo - just gorgeous xx Em

    1. Thanks Em! Having weekly check-ups now. Have another ultrasound booked for 36+5 and they'll probably want to induce me around 37 weeks I believe (so after Nov 2nd).
      Surprisingly I'm feeling the best I have in months right now!
      Yes the belly is heavy though - just feels like I was when full term with my son (but it’s lasting a few weeks ha ha).
      I'm sure I'll probably be 'over it' in the weeks to come. Though I kind of like knowing they're safe in my belly, and the longer they cook, the healthier they'll be. Once they're here, it'll be chaos ;-D


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