November is here! It's nearly time!

Sooo THIS month we'll become a family of SIX!
Pinch & a punch! :-D

Very excited to reach 37 weeks today carrying our Di/Di twins!

All is going well. I've been on mat leave this week.
Other than a sore back, sore hips & pelvis (all to be expected) sometimes when I stand or walk, I'm feeling pretty dayum amazing considering I'm carrying TWO babies weighing approx 6-7lb!

I've not been able to sleep as well this week, not for any reason other than nerves/excitement probably.

Have been cherishing time with Miss 3 & Mr 21 months (& hubby).

Fingers crossed our twins have a happy & healthy arrival!

Can't wait to share the news of their arrival once that happens! :-D


  1. Exciting! Best of luck for the big day!

  2. How exciting that they're nearly here!


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