Flamin' mozzies!

Aah, nothing indicates that the good old Aussie summer is upon us like the stench smell of insect repellents wafting through the air.

Insect repellents conjure up images of camping, cricket on the beach, late night barbecues, skinny dipping in your neighbours' pool, and copping a mouthful of chemicals whenever you closed your eyes to apply the spray.

Since becoming a parent I've looked at alternatives to smothering my little ones' delicate skin with chemicals.

When Miss 3 was around 18 months, she attended kindy at a facility that was located right near one of the famous Gold Coast canals. How beautiful and serene one might think. NOT so much when the kids had to be smothered in smelly insect repellent each afternoon to try and prevent their little bodies showing up with scores of angry looking lumps thanks to mozzies and midges.

Whenever we're in our backyard at home around dusk, or going for an evening walk, you can be sure the mozzies are out in force ready to attack.

So when the opportunity arose to try out some of the natural mosquito protection products from Para'Kito, I was super keen.

This isn't a sponsored post, but I'm happy to share this giveaway with you as a natural alternative to the usual types of insect repellents.

The Para'Kito pellets diffuse a blend of 7 essential oils extracted from plants, which naturally prevents from the effect of mosquito bites during 15 consecutive days. They're waterproof and refillable. And best of all, the pellet does not come in contact with the skin.

With the Para'Kito clip, I can attach it to the pram or nappy bag for evening strolls, Miss 3 can wear the wristband and I can even wear the wristband during pregnancy without causing harm to my bubs.
Sounds pretty good to me.



The lovely people at Para'Kito http://au.parakito.com/australia have offered one (1) Para'Kito Mosquito Protection Pack valued at: $65.85 to a lucky Gold Coast Mum reader.

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Giveaway is open to Australian residents only.


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  1. This product is good to know. I found lavender oil or any lavender based products great for keeping the mozzies away from my babies skin. Good ole rid smell reminds me of summer too.

  2. Ooo sounds good. The mozzies love me :-(

    My nephews are actually really allergic to insect repellants so I will give this to them if I win!

  3. I have yummy blood or at least you would think it given the way the mozzies attack me....this is such an amazing product isn't it xxx

  4. Mozzies hate me (I am pale and I am not sure if I am alive as they just ignore me). They do however love my skinny little Ruben! He is pale and swells with massive welts! I find citronella is a great turnoff for mozzies. Apparently they are attracted to a certain hormone and some people have greater levels of it and get appropriately attacked! Thankfully, I have none!

  5. I actually got some similar bands from the chemist - my kids HATE the bug spray we use every Friday night at Little Athletics! Go the giveaway x

  6. I would love this as mozzies love me. My legs are currently covered in bites ugh!

  7. I'd love to try it , after Breast cancer I am reluctant to use any chemicals on my skin.

  8. How very clever! I have been looking for something similar myself.

  9. What a great product. We were away on holidays last week and kept saying "I wish we had insect repellent" but I don't really want to smother my 2 year old with it.
    I like this idea soooo much better!

  10. I really don't like the smell of mozzie repellents, nor the feel of them!
    I disciverd Apricot Body Dew from Nutrimetics a few years ago, and that stuff is awesome!

  11. This looks great!! Living in Qld with littlies it's something we would definitely use! :)

  12. What a great idea, I'm always the one that gets eaten alive :S

  13. Hubby LOVES it when I'm around. The mozzies go straight for my ankles! :-/


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