What a week

Well it's been a pretty busy week so I haven't had chance to write about all the stuff I'd love to.

Gestational Diabetes

After doing the Glucose Tolerance Test at 26 weeks, I found out I DO have Gestational Diabetes :-(
When our fab OB/Gyn delivered the news, I burst into tears (thanks hormones).
I was upset about having another thing on my list of things to do/worry about.
I met with a Diabetes Educator who provided me with all the equipment and information I needed to control it.

But a few days on, I can say it's not so bad.
I have to test my blood sugar levels four times a day (the finger pricker thing isn't as bad as I had expected).

I have had to CUT all carbs (bread, rice, pasta etc), my beloved frappes, and CHOCOLATE BISCUIT TREATS (bye bye Arnott's Gaiety choccie biscuits, my absolute fav! :-(

Other than that, it involves sticking to my normal healthy diet (meat & veg/ meat & salad - but smaller portions) and incorporating more exercise /walks (just as I'd had to stop attending personal training and zumba classes).

Hubby's Birthday

We celebrated my hubby's birthday.

I posted a pic on Facebook to celebrate the occasion for Flashback Friday ;-)

Hubby and I at hubby's 18th in 2000 (we had been going out for around 4 months)

Happy family (taken in 2012) :-)

Miss 3 and I made Tiger Stripe cupcakes (as hubby is a West Tigers fan) for hubby's birthday dinner (had the family over for a BBQ).
Can I blame it on baby brain that I did have to think (for maybe 3 seconds) about which food colourings I would need to make the orange... hmmm, oh dear, ha ha ;-)

Dancing Queen

After recently declaring that she no longer wished to attend dancing classes because she 'didn't like the song' ('Little Mix' Change Your Life') Miss 3 decided to make her return to dancing this week.


She started asking hubby & I to play the song on our phones for her and Mr 19months to dance to (they're so cute dancing in the lounge room in front of the large mirrored wall, performing 'shows' for us).
And then she finally said, 'Mummy and Daddy I DO want to go back to dancing'.
So we checked that she was sure and took her back to the next lesson a few days later.

I was stuck at work and couldn't attend, but hubby reported that Miss 3 was 100% better than ever before, was keeping up with the class and really enjoying herself. Great to hear! :-)

Mr 19months and Miss 3 love spending time outdoors. Mr 19months can even swing on his own and did his first wee in the potty this week! So clever.

So I'm now 28 weeks. But posted this pic this week of me at 27+5.

All going well. Am now starting to get stretchies IN my stretchies that no amount of Bio Oil will cure. Oh the joys. But it's all for an amazing cause isn't it!

I'm already measuring full term, so am feeling super heavy.

It's an effort getting in and out of the car (grunting like some wild animal), I have back pain, left leg pain, sore hips and groin and my sleep is now starting to get interrupted when I try to roll over in the middle of the night (somebody get me a forklift ;-)
I get frustrated at times when I can't chase after Miss 3 & Mr 19months as much as I'd like, or when I have to have a rest when we're playing at the park or in the backyard.
I'm cherishing feeling the twins kick as this will most probably definitely be my last pregnancy, but time is flying and the bubs will be here before we know it (maybe in around 9 weeks).
We feel super excited/fortunate/blessed and also a little anxious/scared of what's to come.


Had an ultrasound at the hospital this week to check on the twinnies.
They're both doing great - everything's coasting along perfectly.

I love that we get to have more scans with a twin pregnancy - it's so amazing seeing our little ones on screen each time! I love it!

And this week I got to see a great profile shot of Twin B (on my right that could actually come out first) and it looked heaps like Mr 19months. A-mazing!

They're both still slightly larger for twins, or even a singleton pregnancy, but their growth should even out over the next few weeks as my Gestational Diabetes is further controlled.
At the moment, they're both head down (yay, fingers crossed they stay that way so we can have an uncomplicated natural birth) and are weighing around 2-3lbs each.

Winner winner chicken dinner

It was my lucky week!
I won a manual breast pump (valued $120) through an online competition which will certainly come in handy when the twins arrive as my three-year-old electric pump was on its last legs when I last used it.

I was also stoked to receive a call this week informing me that I had won a Father's Day competition - the prize - $500 in value from a gorgeous day spa in Surfers Paradise. (1-hour remedial massage for hubby, annual pass for the spa pool, and a voucher for dinner).
My competition entry highlighted how great hubby is - works full time at nights, then minds the kids during the day while I work part time, and he's just cancelled his beloved golf membership ahead of the arrival of our twinnies. Sacrifices.
We think he's super fab too! :-)


Other highlight of the week

I won't lie.

I literally squealed (and maybe even wet myself a little) late one night this week when I saw that my fav boyband 5IVE are coming to Australia.

The last time we saw them live was when they toured in 2000.
I went one night with my sister and a bunch of our girlfriends, and was lucky enough to get tickets through work (was working as a business/technology journo but also wrote for a music rag) to again the next night - taking my new boyfriend at the time (hubby) who also appreciates all things choreographed dance moves.

Unfortunately 5IVE's Brisbane concert happens to be when I'll be 37 weeks pregnant (that's IF the twins haven't already arrived - something I think will happen that week actually...)
So we've joked that we'll all do whatever it takes to hopefully make it to the concert to re-live our teen days.

My sis and I first fell in love with 5IVE when we were living in the UK for two years with our family and spent a summer with friends at the beach practicing the dance moves.

When Abs from 5IVE went solo and visited Australia around 2003, he performed at the RUMBA musical festival (all things poptastic) in Sydney (that's my kind of music ;-)
As I was there for work, I had a media pass and got my sister into the press conference where we were then able to ask Abs questions and meet him for photos. My sis cried. I had to maintain my professionalism and remain 'cool'. It was hilarious!

Anyhoo, I'll sign off for now, before I start breaking into 5IVE lyrics, 'Wiggy wiggy, I'm gettin jiggy, open up the doors got the keys to the city'....ooh whoops, see it has started. Anyway, off to go sit in the car and listen to my fav 5IVE tunes (that I will unashamedly admit are STILL on high rotation even after all these years).


  1. Hi Lauren, you sure have had a busy week! I just found out about the Bloc Chicks September meet in a couple of days and have been looking up everyone's blogs :) I'm so happy to have found yours. What a beautiful family you have. I look forward to having a chat in person soon :)

    1. Thanks Vanisha! Look forward to checking you out too :-)


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  3. Hi there! Nice to 'meet' you, I found your page through the Blog Chicks event page. I'll be coming along on Thursday night - as long as my bubs is being a good boy! I'm bringing my MIL with me, she's going to take care of him. So excited!
    p.s. I'm a boy band lover from way back! I can't say I was a 5ive person, my obsession was Take That. I travelled around Australia chasing them when I was 16. It was an awesome experience! So I totally get the squealing.

    1. Hey Kylie, so great to meet you! Only saw this message after we had met! Love a good fellow boyband chaser ;-)

  4. So excited for Five concert! Ha ha. I'll have to dig out the pics of us with Abs:)


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