Kim Kardashian 'body after baby'

Everyone seems to be getting their knickers in a knot about this US magazine cover which features a photo of Kim Kardashian in a bikini as well as the coverlines:

New Mom Kim
How she lost 50lbs in 40 days

I strongly doubt she has posed for this magazine since giving birth. This, in fact, appears to be an old photo.


The headline makes you think it's a current interview/ story, but I'm sure if you read the article, it will be full of quotes from sources about what she's doing to get back in shape. Not actual quotes or an interview with her.

Having worked in magazines, this is something that happens quite often and is perfectly normal/allowed.

When Kim does eventually come out of hiding (enjoying beautiful newborn snuggles) and poses for a magazine cover, it will more than likely be with People, Life & Style, US magazine or OK (ie NOT Star).

And it will have 'exclusive' plastered all over it. And it will be heavily publicised (so the mag can make as much money as possible from mag sales to justify the $$$ they will probably pay Kim).

This is just that mag trying to get their piece of the action by making you think she has posed for the mag. Which is not illegal. It's all about how you perceive it.

It’s a shame that so many women, after seeing this mag cover, have (probably in their jealous rage) been so quick to say ‘Kim’s a bad mother and should be looking after her baby, not worrying about losing weight and posing for magazine covers’.

We haven’t seen a glimpse of Kim, or her newborn, so I think she deserves some credit for managing to keep out of the public eye this long, and for, I can only imagine, taking in every moment of being a new mum.

By all accounts, it sounds like she’s doing everything right.
She hasn’t been out on the town, she hasn’t paraded her baby around like a new fashion accessory. She’s been home, settling into parenthood.
I reckon Kimmy deserves a break.

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