Swallowing a magnet = a trip to hospital

Had an interesting night after Miss 3 decided to swallow a small round magnet at bedtime just after I arrived home from personal training.

Called Healthline (while I tried to scoff some dinner) who agreed X-ray required so up to the hospital we went.

Magnet was visible in X-ray but was being digested which is good. (I wasn't permitted to take a pic).

Miss 3 was full of beans ALL night!

She's perfectly fine, thankfully, but we need to monitor her & if the magnet hasn't made an appearance (out if the other end, in two days then we have to take her back in for another X-ray. Otherwise, if it gets stuck in bowel, it could perforate).

Left hospital at 12.15am. She fell asleep (finally) in the car on the way home.

It's going to be a loooong day.

Oh & did I mention the fun that will be had sifting through no.2's...not ;-O

At least it will be an amusing story for her when she's older.
She did tell us straight away which is good (I guess).

Aah the joys!
Have you had any interesting hospital visits with your toddlers/children?

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