Toddler siblings

Toddler siblings

Aaah a picture of cuteness. 
Little Miss almost-three and Mr 14-months are at an interesting age.
With a 21 month age gap, it's so cute to see them now be little playmates and keep each other company. 
We're experiencing a new stage as Mr has now transformed from our little bubba to an active and cheeky little toddler who is a barrel of laughs.

It melts my heart when I hear them making each other giggle when we're all in the car (even making Little Miss snort), and I love seeing them pull funny faces at each other and play peek-a-boo and sing Row Row Your Boat (Mr's new skills he can say/sing and interact with us on).

However, it's not always rainbows and butterflies as Mr 14-months sure knows how to push Miss almost-three's buttons and she knows she has the upper hand when it comes to strength (just wait til he gets bigger...he'll certainly be after revenge, we think).
Mr chases Miss around and steals her toothbrush from her at any opportunity and runs off with a cheeky giggle.
But he must be a sucker for punishment because, as soon as Little Miss catches up with him and snatches back whatever-he-has from his paws, he chucks chucks a mini tantrum.

This happens at least twice in a 20-minute window.
So when you're trying to pack lunches to go on a play date/ getting ready for work/ trying to get their shoes and socks back on for the fifth time, it can seriously slow you down.

We have to have our eyes on them at all times to ensure one is not hurting the other. It can be exhausting.

Sometimes, when they've ventured off together to one of their bedrooms to play, the sound of silence, or giggling, is mostly welcome.

Little Miss can, at times, be a tad over-enthusiastic and can hurt him unintentionally - as well as on purpose!
It's a bit of a predicament as we don't want to wrap them in cotton wool and constantly have to protect them from each other, which means they could miss out on some fun times, but we don't want to leave them to just battle it out either.

We don't want Little Miss to think it's OK to bully her brother (or anyone) around, and we don't want Mr's self-esteem to be affected if he gets used to being overpowered - most of the time (but there are times when he's the one being cheeky).

I love them to pieces! Their happiness is contagious! :-)

As the saying goes, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Is this just a part of growing up? How do you manage your enthusiastic toddler siblings?

Miss 2 yrs 11 months and Mr 14-months having a laugh <3 
(and yes, that's bubble wrap on the lounge legs/base. I covered the metal corners as a 
precautionary measure in case one happened to fall and hit their head in that direction. :-)

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