My, hair you've changed

In my early 20's (BC) I was all about the hair. 

I had long silky brunette locks that always attracted compliments. It was my trademark.

I would make sacrifices if it meant I had an extra 15 minutes to dry it before work/ before a night out/ before events (thick thick thick hair that takes forever to dry), and to then use a hair straightener or make bouncy curls (just like Princess Kate/ Catherine Middleton does these days).

Lately, my hairstyle day-in-day-out involves damp hair pulled back into a bun. 
Otherwise... I resemble Hagrid from Harry Potter.

I have other things on my to do list - such as spending time crawling around on my lounge room floor like a tiger to make my toddlers laugh, family, work, domestic duties or trying to get back in shape - that take priority over the time it takes to dry and straighten my hair like I used to.
(Plus, on the odd occasion I have worn my hair out, my 14-month-old loves to tug at it).

As well as my lack of time or dedication to styling the mane these days, I also think it has lost its 'pizazz' since having my bubs (another great post-pregnancy reward I can put right up there with my permanently-enlarged feet – now a size 10/11!).

So I've come to the decision that I'll chop my locks off (well not me, a professional I hope). 
Less hair = less effort, yeah?
With a shorter 'do, I'll have time to dry it and maybe even style it a little, surely?

Every other time I have chopped my tresses in the past, I've always regretted it.
As my hair is so thick, the length (and weight) does seem to help restrain it somewhat/weigh it down.

I am (mostly) thankful for my thick hair, but it can be hard work.

Oh, and did I mention I haven't had it coloured in over a year either?
With juggling two under the age of two, a part time job and side businesses; I hadn't made the time, and had kind of decided to make the most of having naturally brown hair while I still can before the greys start making an appearance (please don't let that be for a while yet).
Anyhoo, think I should just bite the bullet and get to a salon this week to get a hair make-over.

My many hair disasters in the past do put me on edge though. Incidents such as:
  • Went in for a hair trim, came out with a lop sided shorter-than-I-wanted 'do that had to be evened out the next day. 
  • Went in to have my then-light-brown-hair-with-blonde-streaks coloured brown all over, for it to be dyed almost black with a huge chunk of blonde still at the back! And I had to go to a big awards do where I was a guest judge and presenter! Not a good look!
  • Had a Brazilian blow out (no longer available in Australia I think?) which was great for a few months but my hair was also unexpectedly lightened a few shades.
  • Had my hair 'layered' to help ease the thickness. Did nothing but make me look like a lion.

Gee, no wonder I'm nervous...
How has your hair changed since having kids? Do you still have time to do it? Any tips on a good Gold Coast hairdresser?


  1. Wow, I was just like you once and had long long hair. then one day I realised that the only thing I was ever doing to it was braiding it back out of my way and I bit the bullet and chopped it all off. I haven't regretted it since, but boy do you need a good hairdresser to keep it in line. Good luck!

    1. Oh wow, good on you Emily. Good to hear. Maybe I should do that. Though my hair is so thick, the shorter I go, the more it fluffs out like a lion ;-)


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