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Giveaway! Chandon S Chic Easy event in Broadbeach this weekend

An elegant vintage tram, in the heart of Broadbeach, will be the place to be this weekend when the Chandon S Chic Easy experience rolls into the Gold Coast.

The event is taking place at Pratten Park in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast, with sessions throughout Saturday and Sunday.

And... Gold Coast Mum has one double pass (valued at $90) to give away!

The uniquely chic experience, that has been touring the country, transports guests into the world of Chandon S.
A modern take on the traditional speakeasy, the Chandon S Chic Easy celebrates the re-imagination of the classic champagne cocktail in a stylish French setting.

Paying homage to Chandon’s French heritage, the experience guides guests through a range of different stations – from food pairing to cocktail creation, giving them a taste of Chandon S for all occasions.

Chandon's mixologists will host a cocktail making masterclass where guests will learn how to create the Perfect Serve - the best way to enjoy Chandon S Chic Easy.
Guests can also craft their own artisanal bread at the traditional French boulangerie workshop where a French baker will explain the flavour profiles of the seven ingredients that come together to create the Chandon S bitters.

As part of the Chandon S Chic Easy, guests can also enjoy a refreshing Chandon S and a leisurely game of petanque with friends on the Chandon S Lawn.

To enter:
Comment below with why you'd like to attend below.
You can also enter by commenting via the related Facebook and Instagram posts. Maximum of 10 entries per person.
One winner will be chosen TOMORROW 4pm Brisbane time Friday 20th October. 

(Judge's decision is final. Winner will be announced by Gold Coast Mum across Facebook and Instagram, so please have notifications on, so you can direct message Gold Coast Mum to redeem your prize. Gold Coast Mum reserves the right to pass on the prize to another entrant if the winner doesn't make contact by 10pm Friday night 20/10/17. Gold Coast Mum takes no responsibility for lost/stolen/un-redeemed prize, travel/accommodation, or any other, costs associated with accepting the prize.)

Journos against bloggers and influencers?

Blogger/influencer and media friends, what do we think of this?

As someone who has (and continues to) work as a journalist/ sub-editor (who is also a blogger and social media manager), I can understand the frustration that those in the older generation seem to have about basically anyone these days being able to label themselves as an 'influencer', score contra offers, attend media famils and be a travel writer without any qualifications or experience.

However, I find this be...low public post (and the one about the same guy also posted within the same group) a bit too much.
Screams bullying to me.
(See the comments and public post here).

Sure, you may not like the bloke, what he does, (or his approach - which I don't necessarily agree with either) but he seems to have an attractive Instagram account with 19k+ followers (and good genuine engagement), 1200 FB followers etc and enjoys writing.

If brands or businesses want to work with him to promote their work, despite him having not 'trained' as a journo or travel writer, then good for him.
The whingers are missing out. And seem to be a bit out of the loop when it comes to the world of social media and influencers these days.

Of course it would be lovely to tip the guides etc in this scenario, but how do we know his financial situation? If he was invited for to an all-inclusive trip away, then he's within his rights to keep that in mind (despite the general consensus that offering a tip/ carrying some loose change would be a given for most).
How would you feel to have other 'professionals' make jokes about you on a public group?
Group info: "Membership is open to print, broadcasting or web subeditors (copy editors) and anyone interested in their work."

What are your thoughts?
Is there an 'Us against Them' mentality when it comes to journos/sub-editors and bloggers/influencers?

Many might think freelancer writers may actually be further down the ladder than bloggers as there's often no guarantee their work will be published, or where.
Whereas bloggers can usually guarantee access to their readership, website visitors and social media audiences (across various channels) and can deliver measurable results for their clients.

It's an interesting world we live in today for media and bloggers (and those who try to juggle both) when the traditional media are laying off experienced journos, resorting to click-bait, and are now trying to emulate the success many bloggers and digital media organisations have achieved (after being told that digital was the way to go years ago).

What are your thoughts? See more screen grabs below.



Get HAPPY on the Gold Coast this weekend at The Color Run!

By Lauren - Gold Coast Mum


The Color Run is super kid-friendly and is such an exciting, beautiful, joyful experience for parents to have with their children.

We have been counting down the days to this year's Color Run, being held Sunday 16th July, 2017, at the Southport Broadwater Parklands!

It is expected to be a fantabulous day - especially as it's a family friendly activity that we can all enjoy!

My brood (four little ones aged 7, 5, 3 & 3), as well as my Mum and sister, will all be enjoying the a
ll-new Tropicolor Zone™ on course, where we will be bathed in a tropical array of colours and delicious island scents as we pass through the shade of palm trees, arches, and island-style music.

Participants are covered in dreamy bursts of coloured powder, they dance through clouds of fairy-floss foam, bubbles and more.
Aiming to celebrate, encourage and inspire happiness, healthiness and individuality by providing a fun, friendly running environment, The Color Run really is The Happiest 5k on the planet.

At the Finish Festival, Color Runners will enjoy even more fun at Rainbow Beach, an interactive island featuring music, dancing, unique photo opportunities, and massive colour throws.

Each Color Runner will also receive a limited-edition Tropicolor race shirt, finisher’s medal on a floral-printed ribbon, embroidered headband, and fun temporary tattoos.

The event, now in its sixth year, focuses less on competition and more on supporting each other. There are no winners or official times.

New features in 2017:
• The younger runners will see a world of possibility and can dream of their place in that world; whether they want to be a superhero, a vet or a firefighter. This tour is about celebrating dreamers, young and old, and promoting healthiness, unity, individuality and happiness above all other things.
• Giant unicorns on course
• Magical new dream start tunnel
• One giant 5k party: More music than ever before
• All new dream wall: All participants can write their dreams on our giant dream wall for the world to see
• Dreamy new fairy-floss cloud coloured foam zone
• Fresh new photo opps (and more of them!)
• Dreamy new pastel colours

• New dream themed runners kit including:
o Exclusive new dream tour shirt
o The Color Run headband
o Temporary tattoos
o New colour-in runners bib
o New superhero capes for kids whose tickets have been purchased as part of a family ticket. Encouraging kids to dream, play, pretend and get moving in an exciting and inspiring way.
o Unicorn finishers medal

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first experience with The Color Run or you’ve been joining in for years, the Tropicolor World Tour will be the most memorable 5k of your life.

Hope to see you there!
Say hi via social media if you're there and hopefully we can cross paths!




Facebook page:
Gold Coast Mum + family will be attending the event as a guest of The Color Run. As always, all opinions are my own.

Love letters on Valentine's Day and a pen GIVEAWAY

By Lauren - Gold Coast Mum

Last year I found some love notes my husband and I had written to each other in the early months of our relationship.

We celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this year, and have been together 17 years this April!
Man I feel old!
Next year we will have been together for HALF OF OUR LIVES!
That's insane!
(It isn't always rainbows and butterflies though. We've had trials and tribulations like most couples.)

Letters like this one I received, along with a plastic rose, for our 5-MONTH anniversary always deliver those indescribable feelings - the butterflies in your stomach and fond, fond memories.
(The night he gave it this to me we were both aged 18, smooching in the back of his car after he drove me home from picking me up from the train station after work).

As phone usage (and text messaging and Facebook messaging) has evolved, most of our communication is electronic these days.
'Don't forget assembly'.
'Please bring home bread'.

And that's why for special occasions such as Valentine's Day, our anniversaries and birthdays, it's always nice to receive a hand-written note, card or letter. Nothing beats the personal touch, and good-old handwriting, wouldn't you agree?

It's kind of sad when you think about the fact that while we have shoe boxes full of letters to each other that really tell the story of the early days of our relationship, and how our friendship and love blossomed, teens of today will have to save or print out Facebook conversations, cute photo captions/comments, text messages or Snapchat screengrabs if they want to have something to look back on in years to come (although I do wish we had more photos taken back in the early days, which certainly isn't an issue in 2017!).

We love looking back through our conversations every now and then. It really brings us together, especially if we're busy and stressed out with the day-to-day work and family juggle.

Even though our Valentine's Day celebrations are pretty low key (this year we enjoyed a special date night last weekend to attend hubby's workmate's 40th birthday extravaganza), we exchange cards as it's still important to take the time to write out those words of love, admiration, appreciation, or whatever it is you feel/share.

Our 6yo and 5yo have been making cards for us and the relatives they see regularly.
And, Mr 5 had us in hysterics last night when he spent an hour drawing pictures and writing his name on each one to hand out at school today for Valentine's Day.
He said his plan was to stand in the play ground and yell: 'Come and get your Valentine's card.'

Mr 5 used pens and textas to draw pictures for his friends for Valentine's Day.

Where does he learn this stuff?! ;-D
(For the record he got shy, or told not to hand them out by the teachers, so has held onto a few of them).

So, in the spirit of LOVE LETTERS and WRITING, I'm so excited to have three Pilot Frixion 3-in-1 Wood pens to giveaway, valued at $31.50 each.

Please comment here or on the relevant image/post on Facebook or Instagram with a brief comment about how you're celebrating Valentine's Day.
Please see terms and conditions below.

Terms and conditions:
Three winners will be selected to receive one Pilot Frixion 3-in-1 Wood pen valued at $31.50.
Maximum of three (3) entries per person via commenting on this blog post, commenting on the relevant Gold Coast Mum Facebook post or relevant Gold Coast Mum Instagram post, with a comment about how you are spending Valentine’s Day.
Competition closes 8pm (QLD time) Monday 20th February, 2017.
This promotion is a game of skill, and chance plays no part in determining the winners. Each entry will be judged on creativity and originality.
The prizes will be posted to the winners by an external company. Entry is open to residents of Australia only.
Incomplete entries will be deemed invalid.
Winners will be announced on Tuesday 21st February. Gold Coast Mum will also attempt to contact winners via the medium in which they entered.
Winners will need to private message or email Gold Coast Mum within 48 hours to claim prize.
Gold Coast Mum accepts no responsibility for any late, lost or misdirected entries including delays in the posting of comments due to technical disruptions, network congestion or for any other reason. Gold Coast Mum accepts no responsibility for prizes lost or damaged in transit.
Gold Coast Mum’s decision is final and the Gold Coast Mum will not enter into correspondence regarding the Competition result or winning entries.

Stranger gives Gold Coast mother a piece of her mind about car airconditioning

By Lauren - Gold Coast Mum
I can't even...

A friend received this note today whilst sitting in her parked car outside a 
#goldcoast school.

Her baby was sleeping in the car and she had the air-conditioning running - as many parents do in warm weather - while waiting to do school pick-up.

A women aged in her 50s tapped on the window & hand-delivered this note.

Seems mums can't do anything right these days... 
Can you even?!?!? 

The hand-written note reads:
"Just a short note to let you know that your air con is very noisy. I do not use mine because it is unhealthy, bad for your lungs & most of all your complexion.
Do not feel obliged to turn it down, it is only my opinion about it."

"& most of all your complexion". Seriously?
Never mind the apparent 'health' issues that in-car aircon can cause. It's our COMPLEXION that we should all be prioritising.
Should babies and toddlers (& children, adults and elderly) be forced to sit in sweltering conditions to avoid such a risk to their precious complexion?
Ermmmm let's weigh up the risks shall we...

On a day like today, when the outside temperature was mid-30s, temps can reach 50 degrees+ in just a matter of minutes in an UN-airconditioned car.
I think that's more of concern, don't you?

Since when has it been OK for a stranger to share such 'advice'.
The mum who received the note, was shocked and responded with "I have a baby sleeping in the car".
Friends have since told the mum she should have told the lady to take her opinion and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

Should people keep such opinions to themselves? 
What is this world coming to?

What are your thoughts?

What random advice/unwanted opinions have you received?



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Capturing moments with family photos

By Lauren - Gold Coast Mum

I just adore photos! I love having the house filled with prints of special times and funny moments.

(I'm also a photo hoarder - my phone memory is constantly clogged with far too many photos, as are my hard drives. And I have book cases and boxes filled with albums).

Since our children were born, we've pretty much managed to have professional family photos taken every year and I absolutely love looking back on these photos!

We had the opportunity to have some photos taken by My Family Photo, in Brisbane, and were very pleased with the results.

They specialise in providing affordable family portrait sessions.
(And when I say affordable, I'm talking $165 for a mini session that includes 15 high-res edited images that you can go off and print, or do whatever you please with! How good is that!).

As most families with toddlers and energetic pre-schoolers and a grade schoolers can understand, we had our work cut out for us in trying to keep our wriggly worms to stay still for photos and to all be looking at the camera (or smiling, or...at least not obscuring each others' faces) at the same time.

Our lovely photographer and assistant were very patient and managed to snap a couple of gorgeous pics we'll treasure for ever.

I have included some of our favourites in this blog post.

Aaaah... big brothers. Say no more ;-) 

Our shoot took place in a park in Brisbane and it was a fairly cool and windy day - so the photographers did very well!The mini-sessions are 30 minute sessions for up to six people – perfect for families with little ones who can’t sit still for too long.

At the end of our shoot, the lovely photographers even suggested hubby and I get a couple of shots together - just the two of us - which was a lovely thought as hadn't really had any professional pics taken - of just the two of us - since our wedding day nine years ago.

If you are thinking about getting some family photos and live in the Brisbane or Gold Coast areas, feel free to get in touch with the friendly team at: https://www.facebook.com/myfamilyphotoaus/

It's definitely time for mum and dad (and grandparents) to step away from behind the camera, and get IN the picture.

How often do you have photos taken together as a family?

How often do you get professional pics taken?




* Gold Coast Mum received images in return for this review, but as always, all opinions are my own.

Gift Guide - Gold Coast Mum's top picks

By Lauren - Gold Coast Mum
If, like me, you're having trouble selecting gifts this year, I've put together a Gift Guide with my top picks!
(Miss 6, Mr 4 and the 3-year-old twincesses have thoroughly enjoyed playing with many of these great products we received to review and I'm so excited to be sharing this with you).

TWISTER, $39.99

Family party game, TWISTER, may be celebrating its 50th anniversary but it is still as popular as ever!
In the game of TWISTER, the spinner announces to move a hand or foot and to which colour. The challenge is to keep your hands and feet on the mat. If your knee or elbow touches the mat, or you fall over, you’re out. The goal is to be the last player standing.
Two new moves include Spinner’s Choice and Air. With Spinner’s Choice, the spinner makes up a move for the other player to do. If the spinner lands on Air, the player must put a hand or foot up in the air.
The new TWISTER game is available for $39.99 at major retailers nationwide.
Visit: http://www.hasbro.com/en-au

SINGAMALINGS, $26.99 each
For those who know Gold Coast Mum, when it comes to singing - I am IN!
It won’t be long til my offspring are all gracing the stage, following in my performing arts footsteps so it was no surprise that my 3yo twincesses loved playing with, and singing along with Singamalings.
Sing-A-Ma-Lings are a bunch of huggable goofy, singing plush characters that have laugh-out-loud silly voices that are entertaining for kids of all ages.
They can also harmonize with you and with each other. 
They sing a classic song when you give their tummy a squeeze. 
By pressing their bellies you can enjoy three ways to play: Sing, Jibber Jabber, and Harmonize. 
Press hand to change mode of play.

Singamalings are $26.99 (individual) and are available in all good toy retailers including: Big W, Toys R Us, Kidstuff, Mr Toys and all other speciality Toy Stores.

VTech® Kidizoom® Smart Watch DX, RRP$89

The Kidizoom Smart Watch DX allows your little one to choose from over 50 3D clock displays to tell time in style. And, the Fun Time Master feature teaches how to tell the time!
The sweat and splash-proof design is great for everyday wear.
 Perfect for young photographers, this durable smart watch has more memory so kids can take a bunch of pictures and videos; add frames and effects, anywhere, anytime.
Other features include: alarm, timer, stopwatch, calendar and calculator functions, motion-based challenges and eight games.  
Available at Target and other good toy retailers. For ages 3+
Visit: www.vtech.com.au

If you, or your loved one, plan to be near the Gold Coast, QLD or Penrith, NSW any time soon, then iFly indoor skydiving would be a fabulous gift idea! 
Perfect for kids and adults alike, it's a bunch of fun and thrills!

Miss 6, my mum (aged in her early fifties) and myself (aged 34) have all experienced indoor skydiving with iFly and we each thoroughly enjoyed it!
Read our review here
Once you enter the wind tunnel, with you instructor, you’re off and racing.
For 50 seconds, we got to experience the thrill of free-falling!

ZIPPIZAP Balance Bike, Speedy Fireman, $129.95

Check out Mr 4 enjoying the Zippizap Speedy Fireman balance bike!
Balance bikes are great tools to teach kids from age two to ride a bike on two wheels.
Liam Davis, the managing director of the small family run business, says his two year old is also a huge fan of the Australian-designed Zippizap balance bike.

The ZiPPiZAP Balance Bike is an all – terrain, featherweight balance bike that teaches your child the necessary skills to successfully transfer to a “big kid” bike without training wheels. The Zippizap is light-weight, pedal-less and maintenance free (EVA polymer tyres are maintenance free and never need pumping up). 
It comes with an adjustable seat and saddle height meaning this bike can be used by both an 18 month and 5 year old. 

With powder coated carbon steel frame and quality components, the bikes are so durable they can be passed down between kids (a huge bonus in our book!).  
There’s a three year warranty on the frame. Zippizaps are not affected by rain, unlike wooden balance bikes. 
I can tell you now, our bike has spent a fair few days out in the rain and is still as good as new.

 Assembly is quick and easy. All tools required to assemble the bike comes in the box!

TRIVIAL PURSUIT 2000s, $39.99

Trivial Pursuit 2000s has been relaunched to prove trivia buffs’ love of the naughties to the present day, with questions featuring Adriano Zumbo’s famous Tim Tams, Sydney’s Vivid Festival, The Big Merino, as well as pop culture icons including Katy Perry, Angry Birds and Mad Men, to name a few.
 (AND… the Kardashians and Middletons also get a mention!)
This new game features questions from the year 2000 to the present day, including recent events, current celebrities and pop culture phenomenons, many with a uniquely Australian theme.
We’re obsessed – sure takes us back to our days before kids when we used to enjoy pub trivia!
The game features 300 trivia cards with 1800 questions across six categories.
Available from major retailers. Visit: http://www.hasbro.com/en-au


Don’t wait until January to stock up on all your back to school gear, load up now so you can surprise the kids at Christmas with these great products from Smiggle.
Smiggle’s signature bright colours and cool patterns are a hit with kids of all ages and, as well as your favourite stationery stuff, they also offer games and toys, gadgets, gizmos and activity sets too. 

Smiggle - City double decker lunchbox, $26.95  

This best-selling lunch box features two tiers of great storage so snacks can be separated (BPA free and food grade safe lining is a winner). There’s a carry handle and double zip openings. 

Smiggle - City pop out fan pencil case, $29.95  
With this pencil case, the kids can say good bye to the sweltering days at their desk, working up a sweat. 

This fancy pencil case is full of secret compartments, has its own fan! The prop up fan requires 2 x AAA batteries. There’s also one main compartment, a shooting drawer compartment, pen slots holder, built in sharpener and eraser drawer. 

 Smiggle - Tri barrel markers x 24, $22.95 
Imagine the creations your little one could come up with using these 24 triangle shaped coloured markers.
The markers come in a handy carry case and are water based and non toxic (and wiped off our hallway wall easily with a baby wipe…pheww!).


These high quality, beautifully crafted games and puzzles are based on popular children’s  television show Ben and Holly. This educational toy range enhances children’s fine motor skills, shape and colour recognition, hand-eye coordination and problem solving with the appeal of their favourite characters.  
Visit: The Ben & Holly range is available at ABC stores, Toyworld, Myer and all good independent retailers. www.ugames.com.au

Ben & Holly Pin Puzzle Faries, $17 for ages 18m+

Ben & Holly Stacking Blocks, $25 for ages 3+  
Colour Stack improves colour matching, manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination while teaching patience.                                       

Ben & Holly Colour Sort Game, $19.95, ages 18m+                                    Children learn colours and build memory skills with this fun Ben & HollySorting Colour Game that contains 30 blocks made from real wood! 
Perfect for toddlers, this colour sort game can be credited with helping my twincesses master their colour recognition!

Ben & Holly’s - Snap Card Game, $5, age 3+

Ben & Holly - Pairs Card Game, $5, age 3+                                    

Gold Coast Mum received some of the mentioned items for review purposes, however, all opinions are my own.

Keep an eye out here on the blog and Gold Coast Mum on Facebook and Instagram for review pics/ to see some of these items in action with Miss 6, Mr 4 and the 3-year-old twincesses.

What’s on your shopping list this December?
When do you give your kids their back to school equipment? Eg as part of their Christmas presents, or shopping together in the sales after Christmas?